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…because the new Top Chef is on and I cannot miss the episode. Really sad…but I will obsess until I see it.
TAEBO TOTAL…so fecking glad that I spent the money on this series. Now THIS is the Taebo that I remember from Upstate New York. It was semi-balanced (Billy still goes off on tangents)…it wasn’t super fast (where I am cussing him out for saying ONE MORE!!), HE STRETCHED…I was amazed and actually tried to put my chin in the triangle my hands made on the floor, there was actual standing ab work, toning, and demonstrations for what the moves would look like if I decided to get into a fight and “use” my Taebo skills. Using my Taebo skills…well…unless I am getting into a knife fight with Mini Me (I LOVED HIM IN AUSTIN POWERS)
I am definitely not kicking any knives, guns, kicking people in heads, blocking punches etc…anytime soon. Doing Taebo now as opposed to doing it 9 years earlier is different. My flexibility is not what it used to be (mostly it is “kick” then my hip goes “click” really annoying)…and I am embracing that since the quickest way to win a fight is to shoot the person or better yet become the literal easy going lover and NOT A FIGHTER. 🙂 I usually go straight chicken and lay an egg if there is a remote possibility that I would be getting into a fight.
Anyway…this series will be used often by me…I will still use the ultra fast, heart in throat Taebo Live Series when I want to burn fat…but the Total tapes will be when I want to tone that midsection and upper body to try and get the 6-pack and no bat wing look I so dearly desire. It is more intermediate BUT…I will be feeling this workout.
I do still want to get the Amped series, but the new gadget ( a 3 pound bar) looks too much like The Club that we put on steering wheels to keep people from stealing our cars…when I mentioned this to my husband he said “Well…why not just get the club and save your 60.00??” Men…so literal sometimes. 🙂 I am happy with my purchase! This will stave off the “wanting the newest workout” for a little while.
Okay…Top Chef is calling and it is getting good! Just wanted to report my happiness…
**Edited to add…I THOUGHT I was escaping the image of Billy in ball-hugging spandex, sweating bricks…in the beginning of this workout he was actually wearing a warm up suit…it was baggy and my eyes were happy. That lasted for about 15 minutes when he said “I need to take some of this off…I’m losing weight” and he proceeded to strip off his pants and top revealing long spandex pants and a TIGHT top….shudder!! Also…there are no extremely happy people in this series…like I said before…the newer tapes have people who are smiling crazily and soooo happy. No one is THAT happy to workout and sweat…there was one shot where a woman was doing a move and Billy screamed one more set…if looks could kill Billy would have dropped dead on the spot. It little things like that…it just endears me to this series. 🙂 **


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  1. fatsavage says:

    Robin ,
    Honest to God the first time I ever even heard of Billy Banks was from my partner in amature boxing promotion Ras-I-Bramble. He invited me to his house to see his Momma, he invited me to his property to see the snakes and tried to get me to produce the Ras-I-Bramble Rumble Excercise Tape to compete with Billy Banks
    He disappeared, I stayed Fat, and I havent seen him in years. Still he wasn’t totally nuts. As he explained, he made it to the mountain top while I only watched him watch the view. (He wasn’t humble either.)
    In case you don’t remember Bramble was the world champ that beat Mancini with a snake rapped around his head and I made money betting on Bramble.
    And this is all irrelevent as I still have never seen a Billy Banks tape.

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