Can't Bring Me Down!!

Being the type of person that I am I refuse to let something like a cold take me out of the loop for long!  I stayed home today…got some rest…took the rest of my medicine and I felt better this evening.  I did Taebo II…Advanced 1 and cleared out those lungs.  I never do the exercises at Crack pace like Billy and his students…did it at my own pace and got a nice workout in.  My eating has been clean today…back to induction level carbs (I do that every two weeks to jump start my weight loss if it stalls) and I am back to work on tomorrow.  Just needed to focus on myself…listen to my body and work from there.  I do have to say that the Taebo that I just did…whew…what the heck was Billy on??  It was non-stop cardio and then at the end when he said that he wanted to get in “a little” cardio I actually looked at the TV and said “F.U.!! Jerk!”  Glad that the teens weren’t in the room when I actually said “The Words” because I actually meant that…my heart felt like it was in my throat.  I definitely didn’t need to have anymore cardio.
I am watching “I Love New York” a spin off from Flavor of Love …this will be another one of my guilty pleasures to watch…I cant wait to see how this turns out.



  1. fatsavage says:

    You know I may buy a Billy Banks Video at a yard sale (if it’s less than a buck) just so I can talk intellegently on the topic. My full knowledge base is the infomercials on TV and Robin’s blog.
    P.S. Nice to have you back.

  2. Robin says:

    Manager…I have noticed that he takes lots of breaks…all the while just chatting up a storm while his “students” are holding their hearts and lungs in their hands. I guess he sees that as added weight training…those organs do weigh something. 🙂
    Savage…you can find some of the Taebo workouts at some Thrift Stores or at the Dollar Store. I should have picked up Total that one time I saw the entire set at Everything’s a Dollar. I think I got a deal by paying 16.50 for my newest collection…but with Taebo you either love it or hate it. I just happen to be one of those people that love Taebo so much I call Billy my husband. I think I am in the minority though…most of the time I read about people who absolutely hate Billy Blanks, his spandex, the sweating, and they call the workout unsafe. It can be if you have never exercised before and just jump right into doing the workouts and not start with the instructional tapes. I guess it worked for me because I tend to be anal when it comes to hurting myself…I actually broke my ankle (as an adult…a pain like no other) so I tend to follow all the steps to avoid any pain. Maybe you can find a workout on YouTube…I am sure someone has uploaded a Taebo vid there…

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