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I have been getting lots of hits on my blog looking for information on Billy’s new workout Taebo Amped. I found this on 3 Fat Chicks

Your world-renowned fitness expert, Billy Blanks, has developed the NEW Tae Bo® AMPED workout – the next generation of Tae Bo that combines short intense “Cardio Bursts” with signature Tae Bo moves for maximum benefits and optimum results. These high-powered, high-energy, exhilarating workouts will help you attain a toned and sculpted body, strengthen your core, burn fat and increase your overall fitness level for a total body workout. Longtime fans of Tae Bo and newcomers alike will experience a workout unlike any other with Billy providing the inspiration and motivation to work hard. Have fun while you challenge yourself and get AMPED!
It’s called “AMPED” because it AMPLIFIES Tae Bo’s power to sculpt long, lean muscle, firm abs, and attack fat for maximum results in minimum time. The Tae Bo AMPED workout is supercharged with Billy’s biggest breakthrough ever: Double time Cardio Bursts that amplify calorie burning to maximize weight loss. Cardio Bursts are Billy’s body slimming shortcut that rocket you into your fat burning zone faster for super-accelerated, totally AMPED slimming and toning.
But the real secret to Tae Bo AMPED’s high speed body sculpting power is Billy’s incredible new muscle sculpting tool called the AMPLIFIER™. The three pound AMPLIFIER adds muscle shaping resistance to all of Billy’s AMPED Workouts for greater cardio intensity and targeted muscle toning on your lower body problem areas where you need firming and shaping the most.
Included in your package:
Billy Blanks Weight Loss Guide Book
PLUS FREE 7-Day Energy Formula
Jump Start Cardio
Jump Start Cardio gets you started on your amazing new body with Billy’s heart-pounding, calorie-burning workout that energizes your body and helps fight fat and flab for high-speed, total-body slimming. Running Time Approx: 41 Minutes
Fat Burn Accelerator
Fat Burn Accelerator pushes the cardio-conditioning pedal to the metal to take you where you want to be – firm, toned, and looking and feeling great. It features all new, super-intense cardio moves that maximize the calories you burn per minute. Running Time Approx: 52 Minutes
Full Throttle
Full Throttle will attack fat with incredibly intense cardio, and tone lean, firm muscle with Full Throttle’s explosive muscle-toning exercises. Now you’re ready to take body toning and sculpting to the highest level ever! Running Time Approx: 55 Minutes
Core Express
Core Express is an intense 30 minute workout created to target all the problem areas we all have! You’ll tighten and tone your abs, firm and lift your buns, and do it all in record time! Core Express is a great workout for days when time is tight! Running Time Approx: 30 Minutes
BONUS Workout: Live in LA
Live in LA puts you center stage as Billy trims and tones you to the core, blasts fat, and lifts you to new heights. Have a front row seat with Billy and 300 Tae Bo fans and followers as they workout at the world famous Hollywood Palladium.

A new gadget is included. Darn!! But it is a 3 pound sculpture bar so I am hoping when it comes down to using the thing there will not be any spastic double time moves involved. Bootcamp was great but when he started inwith the double time moves I lost form quickly. I hope this information is helpful to those looking for anything that has to do with the new system. I am just curious to know when they will show the informercial. I really do not want to go and buy this without seeing it in action…
I am feeling better this morning…so maybe I will get in some floor work today. I hope …



  1. Robin says:

    As a matter of fact I am feeling better today…did a workout to clean out those lungs! Just needed to focus and get a couple of days rest… Thanks! 🙂

  2. Greg Todd says:

    I remember when Tae-Bo came out. It was a real craze where I lived. If I had done it then, maybe I wouldn’t be 100 pounds too heavy now. Actually, no maybe about it. But now I’m too fat to try it. But I’m walking every day, and eating less.

  3. Robin says:

    Before Taebo I was walking. I had broken my ankle and needed to do something (in 1999). You will be surprised at how quickly the weight will drop off by walking. When I got the original Taebo tapes I would start my day off walking…then I would do a routine. These days it is strictly Taebo since I live in the wilderness and I don’t want to deal with the wildlife.
    Good Luck to you!!

  4. chiari says:

    Well, you may be able to do Taebo you simply modify certain moves you are unable to do and go at your own speed and I agree walking is excellent as well. I started out with Walk Away the Pounds, by Leslie Sansone, and I lost 30 pounds, and from there I started Taebo, at 230 pounds.

  5. chiari says:

    Taebo Amped informercial is scheduled for January 25, not sure about channels, yet. Also, Taebo: Celebrity Fit Sculpt and Cardio is due out March 2007.
    For additional information on Taebo, see Taebofans.com.

  6. SUSAN says:

    I purchased the amped program. I had been a Taebo fan for years.
    But beware. It’s not the workout you have to worry about!!! You are automatically signed up for a web club account. About a month after I cancelled my “free” web club membership, they were still trying to charge the $9.95 to my credit card. I called and they gave me their typical run around but said they would take care of the situation.
    A little later I received a collection notice for $9.95!!!! Needless to say, I’m not much of a fan anymore.

  7. Tom says:

    As far as the “free” club membership that I honestly wasn’t aware that I had even signed up for (and I didn’t want it), I also received a collection notice today for $10.78. I didn’t pay attention when they sent out a request for payment since I just wanted the DVD when I made the purchase (my old credit card number was stolen so I had it cancelled and hence Tae Bo couldn’t automatically charge it for the club membership). I would have considered buying more of their DVDs since I like the workout concept but after this kind of treatment I most certainly will not.

  8. nafrini says:

    I love Tae bo, have to get back into it though. It’ll be rough, but worth it! Billy really has a great way of motivating you, helps out tremendously!

  9. dragon fly 22 says:

    Tae bo amped is the best workout i have ever done. I was struggling after having 4 children. tae bo amped really shed it off. I am now a size 1 in juniors! I am 5’10 and 120 lbs and eat anything I want. as long as I bust my ass for billy I will keep it off.

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