MY ARMS HURT!!  Why do my arms hurt??  Because my “other husband” Billy decided that we needed to do 25 pushups.  I HATE PUSHUPS!!   I did them but complained the whole time…arguing with the TV…asking Billy why in the heck do I need to do pushups.  I know why…I won’t take flight when a strong wind blows due to the lack of “bat wings” that used to flap around before Taebo.  Pushups, unlike duckwalks, are not stupid and I actually feel good that I am doing them with a little effort on my part.  They are also helping my chest defy gravity a bit and the girls ar actually sitting up a little more…better than what they were before.  I have also noticed that I have been cured of the chronic cases of “Noassatall” and “Bootybelly”.  Noassatall is a phenomenon where when you get older your butt suddenly fall off somewhere and what is left is a flat wasteland…my butt fell off on the International flight to Germany and finally I found the damned thing.  I fill out my jeans again…WOOHOO!!  Bootybelly is when your butt tries to come back to you and attaches itself to your front instead of the back where it should be…very upsetting and problematic when you are bending over to tie your shoes or wear pantyhose.  I was convinced that my jeans and pantyhose was trying to kill me by suffocation…NO MORE!!  I was doing floor work tonight and I noticed that I could actually see my legs instead of my belly.  I was so amazed that my mind (for a split second) was off the fact that I was doing pushups and I could actually see the abs and muscles in my thighs work.  Its the little things that make this girl happy… 😀
I have a beautiful meal waiting for me to chow down on and as usual I am not hungry.  I dont know why I spend the time cooking these meals when I should just make myself a protein drink and call it a night.  Oh well…at least I have a meal to eat for lunch (which is when I have my biggest meal…I treat myself like a Queen).  One thing that I need to change though…I have been bad with taken my supplements first thing in the morning.  All week I have forgotten to take them on time and the result is me laying in bed at night staring at the ceiling trying to will myself to sleep.  Starting tomorrow morning I will take my vitamins and Amino Acids and stick to a schedule…I cant keep staying up late like I have been hearing Billy voice in my head.
Moving on…

My son started his new school today and I think I made the right decision.  He wasn’t as surly as he usually is in the evenings.  Granted he still acts like he is paying for his words by the letter and getting a sentence out of him is a chore…but the child cracked a smile there for a second when I asked him how his day went.  GREAT!!  He is in classes that he will pass and I am hoping that some of his teenage angst will go away.    I guess being a thug (in his mind anyway) is hard work…hee hee.
I am tired but not sleepy so I will get some chores done and call it a night…



  1. waistloss says:

    I always thought Noassatol was a medicine that those skinny girls on tv took to make their butt evaporate!
    I am making sure I work hard enough to pass the elbow test. You put you hands behind your head, point your elbow forward and walk towards a wall. If your belly gets there before your elbows, it’s just too damned big! (This also goes for breasts.) I went for a walk at lunch today and was just going to rest this evening because it’s raining but you have inspired me so I am going to do some pushups and crunches.

  2. Robin says:

    You know…I believe they make it in pill form…why wnyone would take it is beyond me!! LOL…
    I have never inspired anyone before. Pushups and crunches…two of my favorite things! Hee Hee…good for you! Sore arms and abs all around!!

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