I WON!!!

Happy Dance!! I decided to ask my Sister in Law, Kellie (I have a pic of her Belly…I wanted to post it now I can’t find my camera 🙁 ) to logon to Ebay and bid for me. I won the auction …paid 11.50 for the tapes and 5.00 for the shipping. I still came off cheaper than getting it from the store (if I was able to get these particular tapes in a store…they are RARE) because I have 4 workouts for less than 20.00. I am so excited right now…now I have to wait for them to send them off to me. I HOPE this guy is on the up and up. My Momma told me that she had a bad experience with some folks on Ebay…so far 4 for 4 on winning my auctions.
I can see that I will be getting addicted to Ebay if I am not careful.
This is whatI got.  I am slowly but surely getting the complete Taebo library.  As long as it keeps me fit I will keep buying.  I still have no idea what Taebo Amped has to offer….can’t find anything about it online.  I guess I will be staying up late at night to watch infomercials…
Off to sweat!!



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