I HAVE BEEN OUTBID!!  I am at work and I just found out that I was outbid at Ebay for my Taebo Total workouts.  By 50 cents…I still have time but I cannot access auctions from work.  I really want these workouts…I am about to call my Momma, make her login to Ebay for me and put in some bids.  Yes People…I want this that bad….



  1. Robin says:

    Thanks…I got my sis in law to bid for me. She is local and was happy to help. I’m glad she did that for me because I won!! WOOHOO!!
    I never thought I would be this excited about winning something that will cause me to sweat. 🙂
    I’m a foodie as well…went to school for culinary arts. natural chef that specializes in creole cooking. I will add a new category to add your site. Check out Herb St Absinthe…I love his site as well.

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