Gotta LOVE Baby Brothers!!

It is a New Year…I am sick (just like last year…sore throat) and when I am sick I want candy and sweets. I Have to thank my Baby Brother Lou (that is him and my niece Kailyn) for saying something to me while I was looking through some pictures of me while I was in Germany. I was a bit hefty…well more than a bit…but I was trying to get back into shape. I took some pictures of me doing some Taebo poses…thought I looked pretty good. Leave it to Baby Brother to look at the picture…start laughing and say: “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!A fecking weeble??
Jaysus!! Now I was a bit pissed at him…HOW DARE HE CALL ME A WEEBLE!! This is coming from my brother who lacks a filter and has become a little fluffy himself over the years. I was steamed…until I looked at the picture and YEP…I looked like a Weeble…
Here is proof:

I guess you could say that I was wobbling…I love him but he can be a jerk sometimes. πŸ™‚
So anyway…I took a picture of myself today to see if I see any difference between Weeble Robin in her Taebo gear and Three-Pack-After Taebo- Fighting Age and Time-Robin in her Taebo gear:

Okay…I know I look a Hot Mess…I have been cleaning all day and I do have a sore throat…but I don’t look like a fecking WEEBLE! πŸ˜€ My three pack only seems to manifest itself when I am doing ab work and it feels like there is a little man in my stomach burning a fire. But it is there… I think unless my daughter is seeing shit… :).
Anyway, my brother has recommitted me to stay the course and see just how far I can take this fitness thing. I wanted candy, cookies, bread, muffins…pretty much anything that would make me feel better about being sick today. But I didn’t bite and I feel a great accomplishment…
That and the fact that everytime I go to the fridge looking to cheat I hear the theme song : “WEEBLES WOBBLE, BUT THEY DON’T FALL DOWN!!” That really helps with my commitment to all of this.
Baby Brothers! You really have to love them… Jerk!! πŸ˜€
Going to do some Taebo…



  1. Robin says:

    Thanks so much!! I really cannot get that song out of my head now. Still trying to get in some Taebo…looks like it will be a late workout tonight…

  2. Mama says:

    Tell Lou he needs to do some taebo with you so he won’t wobble and fall down. LOL
    He looks just like I did before I started losing weight. This is my only child that resembles me. You and Bob look like yall daddy.
    You are doing a great job and you look great too. Just make sure you are eating correctly or else I’ll have to sick your brothers on you. Remember before.
    Hope the kids had a chance to spend their money and Jay does well at the new school. As you know there is always red tape.
    Lo looks like she lost some weight too or else she is getting taller.
    You all look healthy though. I worry abour Lou because as you know diabetes runs rampant on both sides of the family as well as high blood pressure.
    You were suppose to send me pictures of Kel. Where are they? I want to see how she looks preggers.
    You stay healthy and go to the doctor if you keep coughing

  3. Robin says:

    Oh…I was supposed to send them to you!! They are on my camera along with everything else. It is hard to get a picture of Kellie because she is always claiming to be a “hot mess”. I think I have one of her belly but not any of her…
    I am still sick with this sore throat…but other than that I have been taking my vitamins and eating healthy. I am not worried about Lou. He is being the typical pain in the ass baby brother. I offered to help him lose the weight (even said that he could have my weight watxhers program) he declined and told me that he isnt serious yet. I will not keep pestering him at all. He will lose the weight when he ready…not anytime before.
    Stop fussing at me Ma…I will get you some more pictures soon. πŸ™‚
    Love Ya!!

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