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There is finally a link to Taebo Amped. I have a picture to share of what it looks like…

To me the bar still looks like The Club…but now that I know I can pre-order the series now I want it. Go Here
…if you are interested in getting more info on Taebo Amped. It is less than I thought it would be…Lord knows I don’t need another workout collection. But…it has interested me…


…that is what Taebo is for me.  I am more grounded these days since I decided to punch and kick out all those bad feelings.  I never felt this good while I was on Vitamin P (something that I am convinced the Army doctors prescribe to those nervous Military Wives with deployed husbands) and the side effect of Taebo is worlds better than Prozac.  On the Prozac/Zoloft/Effexor (take your pick they were changing it like I changed underwear) I gained more than 50 pounds, had a high tolerance to alcohol (could drink and drink and for some reason not get drunk), became addicted to the slots (on one of them it did say you could develop another dependency…alcoholism…gambling…I didn’t believe that until one day I noticed I had been sitting in front of the slot machine for over 4 hours) craved sugary/ starchy foods, and basically didn’t give a feck.  I could be on fire and I would probably look at the flame and go “Ohhh…pretty colors!”  There really wasn’t any person that I could talk to, the person that prescribed the drugs was a General Practitioner so when I told him I couldn’t sleep he pulled out the drug book and the experiments on the crazy Army wife began.  I don’t deny that if I was seeing a someone who qualified in treating depression I would have probably been given something that would have worked for me.  I decided to stop taking the medication because I got more depressed from the side effects of the pills.  Yeah…I could sleep and my marriage issues were not up front in my mind but that was now replaced by getting fat and drinking/gambling too much.  To me the trade off was too much…to be a fat, depressed, alcoholic, gambling Army Wife was just too much.  I would rather deal with my anger towards my spouse the old fashioned way.  Get pissed and deal.
So that is what I am doing two years later…getting pissed…taking it out on Billy and doing Taebo.  The getting pissed and physical activity has definitely help me deal.  Just saying…I read somewhere that exercise fights depression…I haven’t had a black period since I started to eat right and do exercise.  Taebo has really helped with that as well…I envision the object of my anger standing in front of me as I am kicking and punching.  Trust me…someone’s ass has been kicked many times over since I have started Taebo.  It feels good and I am losing weight rapidly as a result. 🙂  Billy is always saying look deep down inside yourself, believe in yourself and you can do anything.  Truer words couldn’t have been spoken…even if he said them to make us buy more of his workouts.  At this point I am stronger physically and mentally than I have ever been…and also…for the first time I am genuinely happy with myself.  No pill will ever give me that…
Just finished doing Taebo Total Advanced 1…worked my abs until it feels like they are on fire.  This time I am hungry…right now I am patiently waiting for my veggies to steam and my crab cakes to cook…
Since I have all this energy I think I will get a couple of chores done…no work tomorrow!

Seeing Things…

Okay…does anyone else see the little smiley face on the right hand side of my blog?? It is located by You Said next to the comment posted by Fat Savage. I have seen this little critter before and it is driving me batty. Sometimes it is there…sometimes it isnt. If you see it please let me know…just so I will know that I do not have to get my prescription changed on my glasses!!
I know…I said that I would workout…I’m getting there… 🙂
***FOUND THE ANSWER!!  At least I know I am not crazy.  It is a way for wordpress to track stats or whatever on the blog.  I kept thinking it was something that I did to make that little critter appear.  Once again I’m being simple…*** 

Water Intoxication??

US woman dies after water contest
The contestants started on small bottles and worked up
A Californian woman who took part in a water-drinking contest to win a video game system has died of water intoxication, tests have shown.
Jennifer Strange had taken part in the “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” game run by KDND 107.9 radio in Sacramento, which promised the winner a Nintendo Wii.
A work colleague said Ms Strange had reported her head was hurting hours after the contest and was going home.
Ms Strange, 28, was found dead on Friday at her house in Rancho Cordova.
Health warning
Local assistant coroner Ed Smith said initial tests showed death was “consistent with water intoxication”.
Contestants were first given eight ounce (225 millilitre) bottles to drink every 15 minutes.
Contestant James Ybarra told Associated Press news agency: “They told us if you don’t feel like you can do this, don’t put your health at risk.”
Mr Ybarra said he quit after five bottles but remaining contestants started on larger bottles.
“She was telling me about her family and her three kids and how she was doing it for her kids,” Mr Ybarra said.
One of Ms Strange’s work colleagues, Laura Rios, said: “She said to one of our supervisors that she was on her way home and her head was hurting her real bad.
“She was crying and that was the last that anyone had heard from her.”
The station said its staff were stunned at the death.

Damn!!  I have heard of this before…people telling me that it is possible to drink too much water.  I never thought that it was true…until I read about this.  I drink at least a gallon of water a day, but I am going to the bathroom constantly so that may be why I can handle it.  I don’t think they allowed the woman to go…that is so sad.  I guess the saying that ANYTHING in mass quantities can be bad for you.


Here they are…two hard core Saints Fans!! My Baby Bro Lou and The Boy!! They look serious, almost like they are the ones that were going on the field. Dare I say it?? A mere utterance?? Could the Saints actually make it to the *gasp* SUPERBOWL?? I never thought that I would experience anything like that in my lifetime. Wow! Strange things are happening people…I was able to stick to a diet plan and lose weight, The Girl has a B average in school, my son is interested in something other than computers and girls, and now…THE SAINTS COULD BE IN THE SUPERBOWL!! Everyone thought I was MAD when I said that this was the year for our team to do it. Now it seems it could happen after all…my all seeing third eye is NEVER wrong. GEAUX SAINTS!!! You guys are DA BOMB!!
Okay…now that is out of my system…I am off to workout. So far I absolutely ADORE my new old tapes. I am feeling the workouts…pretty soon I will be HOTT enough to sport a bikini! Hey! If the Saints can make the Superbowl then this mother of teenagers COULD wear a bikini and not cause mass blindness.
**Edited to add…Just found out that Prince is playing the Superbowl (I know I must be late acquiring this info) so even if the Saints don’t make the game I will so be there watching the Superbowl just to see the show the Prince will put on.  I never thought THAT would happen in my life time either…strange days people…strange days indeed!!** 

Really Quick…

…because the new Top Chef is on and I cannot miss the episode. Really sad…but I will obsess until I see it.
TAEBO TOTAL…so fecking glad that I spent the money on this series. Now THIS is the Taebo that I remember from Upstate New York. It was semi-balanced (Billy still goes off on tangents)…it wasn’t super fast (where I am cussing him out for saying ONE MORE!!), HE STRETCHED…I was amazed and actually tried to put my chin in the triangle my hands made on the floor, there was actual standing ab work, toning, and demonstrations for what the moves would look like if I decided to get into a fight and “use” my Taebo skills. Using my Taebo skills…well…unless I am getting into a knife fight with Mini Me (I LOVED HIM IN AUSTIN POWERS)
I am definitely not kicking any knives, guns, kicking people in heads, blocking punches etc…anytime soon. Doing Taebo now as opposed to doing it 9 years earlier is different. My flexibility is not what it used to be (mostly it is “kick” then my hip goes “click” really annoying)…and I am embracing that since the quickest way to win a fight is to shoot the person or better yet become the literal easy going lover and NOT A FIGHTER. 🙂 I usually go straight chicken and lay an egg if there is a remote possibility that I would be getting into a fight.
Anyway…this series will be used often by me…I will still use the ultra fast, heart in throat Taebo Live Series when I want to burn fat…but the Total tapes will be when I want to tone that midsection and upper body to try and get the 6-pack and no bat wing look I so dearly desire. It is more intermediate BUT…I will be feeling this workout.
I do still want to get the Amped series, but the new gadget ( a 3 pound bar) looks too much like The Club that we put on steering wheels to keep people from stealing our cars…when I mentioned this to my husband he said “Well…why not just get the club and save your 60.00??” Men…so literal sometimes. 🙂 I am happy with my purchase! This will stave off the “wanting the newest workout” for a little while.
Okay…Top Chef is calling and it is getting good! Just wanted to report my happiness…
**Edited to add…I THOUGHT I was escaping the image of Billy in ball-hugging spandex, sweating bricks…in the beginning of this workout he was actually wearing a warm up suit…it was baggy and my eyes were happy. That lasted for about 15 minutes when he said “I need to take some of this off…I’m losing weight” and he proceeded to strip off his pants and top revealing long spandex pants and a TIGHT top….shudder!! Also…there are no extremely happy people in this series…like I said before…the newer tapes have people who are smiling crazily and soooo happy. No one is THAT happy to workout and sweat…there was one shot where a woman was doing a move and Billy screamed one more set…if looks could kill Billy would have dropped dead on the spot. It little things like that…it just endears me to this series. 🙂 **

They're Here!!

WOOHOO!!  My new “old” taebo tapes finally got here…4 new Advanced workouts named Taebo Total.  I’m gonna test drive one and see what I think…I hope I am not disappointed.  I probably won’t be, but stranger things have happened.  I didn’t think that I would find a Billy workout that I would want to roll over with the Saturn…and I did (duckwalks and all).  🙂  I am off to sweat and report back later.
My eating has been really good…low carbing has helped with my PMS cravings big time.  Usually around this time I am literally tearing up the kitchen looking for something to snack on.  My cold is becoming a memory…I am still coughing at night and I wake up feeling crappy in the morning, but during the day I feel better and can get stuff accomplished.
There was a young lady at work that I in-processed a couple of months ago…I haven’t seen her since she is mostly a night person.  She saw me in the break room and asked me what happened to the secretary that she met when she first started.  I looked at her with the Dog Looking at the Answering Machine look and told her “Nothing…I’m still here!”  She looked at me and said “OMG!  You look so different now…I didn’t recognize you!!”  Hmmm…so I look like a different person now.  She told me that I looked older and much bigger before…I guess I can take that as a compliment.  But I am wondering how big I actually was and how old I looked??  😀  Little things like this keep me on track with low carbing and Taebo.
Off to sweat…I can’t miss the new Top Chef episode that is coming on soon.  I am SO addicted to that show!!

Can't Bring Me Down!!

Being the type of person that I am I refuse to let something like a cold take me out of the loop for long!  I stayed home today…got some rest…took the rest of my medicine and I felt better this evening.  I did Taebo II…Advanced 1 and cleared out those lungs.  I never do the exercises at Crack pace like Billy and his students…did it at my own pace and got a nice workout in.  My eating has been clean today…back to induction level carbs (I do that every two weeks to jump start my weight loss if it stalls) and I am back to work on tomorrow.  Just needed to focus on myself…listen to my body and work from there.  I do have to say that the Taebo that I just did…whew…what the heck was Billy on??  It was non-stop cardio and then at the end when he said that he wanted to get in “a little” cardio I actually looked at the TV and said “F.U.!! Jerk!”  Glad that the teens weren’t in the room when I actually said “The Words” because I actually meant that…my heart felt like it was in my throat.  I definitely didn’t need to have anymore cardio.
I am watching “I Love New York” a spin off from Flavor of Love …this will be another one of my guilty pleasures to watch…I cant wait to see how this turns out.

Taebo Amped

I have been getting lots of hits on my blog looking for information on Billy’s new workout Taebo Amped. I found this on 3 Fat Chicks

Your world-renowned fitness expert, Billy Blanks, has developed the NEW Tae Bo® AMPED workout – the next generation of Tae Bo that combines short intense “Cardio Bursts” with signature Tae Bo moves for maximum benefits and optimum results. These high-powered, high-energy, exhilarating workouts will help you attain a toned and sculpted body, strengthen your core, burn fat and increase your overall fitness level for a total body workout. Longtime fans of Tae Bo and newcomers alike will experience a workout unlike any other with Billy providing the inspiration and motivation to work hard. Have fun while you challenge yourself and get AMPED!
It’s called “AMPED” because it AMPLIFIES Tae Bo’s power to sculpt long, lean muscle, firm abs, and attack fat for maximum results in minimum time. The Tae Bo AMPED workout is supercharged with Billy’s biggest breakthrough ever: Double time Cardio Bursts that amplify calorie burning to maximize weight loss. Cardio Bursts are Billy’s body slimming shortcut that rocket you into your fat burning zone faster for super-accelerated, totally AMPED slimming and toning.
But the real secret to Tae Bo AMPED’s high speed body sculpting power is Billy’s incredible new muscle sculpting tool called the AMPLIFIER™. The three pound AMPLIFIER adds muscle shaping resistance to all of Billy’s AMPED Workouts for greater cardio intensity and targeted muscle toning on your lower body problem areas where you need firming and shaping the most.
Included in your package:
Billy Blanks Weight Loss Guide Book
PLUS FREE 7-Day Energy Formula
Jump Start Cardio
Jump Start Cardio gets you started on your amazing new body with Billy’s heart-pounding, calorie-burning workout that energizes your body and helps fight fat and flab for high-speed, total-body slimming. Running Time Approx: 41 Minutes
Fat Burn Accelerator
Fat Burn Accelerator pushes the cardio-conditioning pedal to the metal to take you where you want to be – firm, toned, and looking and feeling great. It features all new, super-intense cardio moves that maximize the calories you burn per minute. Running Time Approx: 52 Minutes
Full Throttle
Full Throttle will attack fat with incredibly intense cardio, and tone lean, firm muscle with Full Throttle’s explosive muscle-toning exercises. Now you’re ready to take body toning and sculpting to the highest level ever! Running Time Approx: 55 Minutes
Core Express
Core Express is an intense 30 minute workout created to target all the problem areas we all have! You’ll tighten and tone your abs, firm and lift your buns, and do it all in record time! Core Express is a great workout for days when time is tight! Running Time Approx: 30 Minutes
BONUS Workout: Live in LA
Live in LA puts you center stage as Billy trims and tones you to the core, blasts fat, and lifts you to new heights. Have a front row seat with Billy and 300 Tae Bo fans and followers as they workout at the world famous Hollywood Palladium.

A new gadget is included. Darn!! But it is a 3 pound sculpture bar so I am hoping when it comes down to using the thing there will not be any spastic double time moves involved. Bootcamp was great but when he started inwith the double time moves I lost form quickly. I hope this information is helpful to those looking for anything that has to do with the new system. I am just curious to know when they will show the informercial. I really do not want to go and buy this without seeing it in action…
I am feeling better this morning…so maybe I will get in some floor work today. I hope …


…in all captivity!! Snakes on a Plane was so stupid…but I found myself watching it anyway. 🙂 I can say this…this movie is another reason why I hate to fly…snakes?? On a plane?? Lord, I think I would have just died if one just popped out at me. LOL…
Other movies I watched last night before the cough syrup layed me out…
The Descent…6 chicks with picks…made me jump more than once and was a great film.
My favorite older movie…Demon Knight! The only part that gets to me is when Billy Zane cuts his hand, green blood a-flowing and then hatches the little demons. Not a recommended movie to watch if you are taking medicine with Codeine in it. I had the craziest dreams because of it…

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