I used to hold the distinct position of being the wrapper. I don’t know how I got that duty (I believe it was that one Christmas my Mom gave me some wrapping paper, some tape, and a pair of scissors and told me to Wrap This!) but it has stuck with me for more than 20 years. This year I actually have some things that I want to wrap…but I have no carpeting on my floor (everyone knows that wrapping is done on the floor…right??) and I HATE being cold. SO…I decided that I would give the honor to The Girl. I asked her first “Can you wrap presents?” The child assured me that she could…that she is the champion of wrapping gifts. I was relieved because after doing the honors for 2 decades I was HAPPY to pass the torch. Yea!
So I go to work with the happy knowledge that all of the presents will be wrapped and I will see this wonderful tree with presents underneath. Imagine my surprise when i come home and discover that there are only 2 presents wrapped and there is no more paper left. The presents both look like giant pieces of hard candy…excess paper is hanging from the ends (THAT IS A PET PEEVE FOR ME) and although it looks nice the gifts were not that big where an entire roll of paper should have been used. I asked the girl what happened…she tells me that they were a funny shape. A funny shape?? Okay…
Square is a funny shape. Now I have to go out and get more paper to wrap the other square shaped packages …I guess I keep the torch for another year. 😀


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  1. You know, somehow or another, I have been dubbed wrapper at my house. I have no idea how to wrap, and it shows. In fact, every gift I wrap is made fun of before being unwrapped Maybe my unique wrapping style is why I have been anointed as wrapper 😉 .
    If that extra paper at the ends bothers you, then you might have a full blown melt down after seeing my wrapping technique!

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