Never thought this day would come…at the nail shop with The Girl…

I was stunned…but there they were and she asked for this….

FINALLY…NAILS!! We told her that she couldn’t bite these or they would kill her. The guy who did them told her to “LEAVE HER NAILS ALONE!!”
My Little Girl is growing up!!

So is My Son…he had the typical man stuck in a nail shop look. I think he was trying to blend into the sofa. He was also hungry…
That led us to Pizza Hut where they sat us at the usual place…next to the kitchen and the register. I swear we have a sign on us that says “Kitchen Folks”!

By the kitchen entrance, beer kegs and registers…the wait was a little long so…

The Girl kept herself busy IMing friends and wasting her prepaid minutes. I am NOT buying more!!

…and the Boy drew pictures of the Saints Fleur de Lis (he is a MAJOR SAINTS FAN) on all of the napkins…

The Girl wanted to take a picture with my hand…now we both have add-a-caps.
We finished up the evening eating some good food…singing Weird Al Yankovich songs (“White and Nerdy KILLS me!!) , The Boy flirted with the teen-aged waitress, and decided that we were tired and went home. Never quite made it to Target…but we still had fun and a little time left before the big day.
I decided to take the night off from Taebo…I am not feeling well, it is cold outside and in this house…I need a break. The kids are trying to figure out where the cold is coming from in this house…I am about to hit the sack and prepare for yet another exciting day.
Tomorrow the dog is getting neutered…I wonder how that will work out??
Sigh…they are both growing so fast and time is moving so quickly. I hope I don’t miss anything…
EDITED TO ADD…OMG! The Girl just came in and asked if she could come with me to get a pedicure and her eyebows waxed…she told me that they are starting to “hold hands”. LOL!! I swear they keep me young!!

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