I decided that I would clean out the closet.  I have no room to put my stuff anymore so it was out of necessity.  It is amazing that I fixed my mouth to say that I had nothing to wear.  I still have stuff to go through and the pile that I have is steadily growing.  It is hard doing this because I have some things that I know I don’t wear anymore but I don’t want to part with…really pack ratting stuff.  So what I am doing is going through the clothes in waves…I look at it and think have I worn this in the past month??  If I say no…immediately I pull it and toss it.  Harder to do than I thought because I start saying…welll…maybe I will wear it again.  Sigh…I need a twelve step program for this.
Gonna be doing Taebo again tonight…I took two days off and I know if I take another day I will not do it for the rest of the month.  Good thing I took some time…I am not sore and cranky today.  The kids are happy about that and so are the pets.
I am off to go through the clothes again.  My sister in law is pregnant and I hope she will take some of the larger sizes to use instead of me tossing them.  Some of this stuff still has price tags on them…Sigh.



  1. Mama says:

    I did the sAME THING. I realized I had stuff since the 80’s and 90’s since before I retired. I have three bags of clothes at home and three bags here in Michigan. Don’t let them build up too much.

  2. Robin says:

    TOO LATE…the crap has built up to ridiculous proportions. I still have some things to get rid of. I can say this getting dressed this morning was easier because I was able to find something to wear fairly easily. I have to go through shoes next…Bleh!

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