What's For Breakfast??

…because I am starving!! That usually means that I am on my way to dropping a few more pounds. I guess that is good…but when you are starving like I am the only thing that is on your mind is filling the hole in your stomach. 🙂
I hate when I get this way…I don’t want regular breakfast type foods. I want a half chicken and some steamed veggies. Thank God for SteamFresh vegetables and the Deli in the store (they sell half chickens) because nothing else will make me happy.
I did have my Taebo therapy last night. It was a good workout, BUT it was almost interrupted by my Sister in Law who always seems to call me when I cannot talk to her. I was 30 minutes into the workout, doing roundhouse kicks when my daughter comes with the phone saying that her Aunt wanted to talk to me. Taebo was blaring in the background (I’m sure that she heard it), I’m DRIPPING SWEAT (achieved the sweat rolling down my face…no sweaty crotches yet) and breathing heavily…I told my daughter NO. I am used to stopping what I am doing just to make others happy. This time I discovered the power of NO and I stuck to it. At my age if I just abruptly stopped doing high intensity cardio to doing nothing I would hurt myself. My muscles would literally draw up because I didn’t stretch properly. The other reason I said NO is I knew that if I had stopped the Taebo, my sister in law would have asked me “What are you doing?” That would have pissed me off especially since I have the TV LOUD, cheesy Taebo music is playing, Billy Blanks is yelling at the screen, the tell-tale “HIYAH” was being shouted…seriously Folks I wouldn’t have been responsible for what I would have told her and it would have definitely hurt her feelings. Not that it would have bothered me in the least…but I really do not feel like getting into a pissing contest with the in-laws.
I am off to get my meal…and get some work done. More Taebo therapy will be done tonight…

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