Such a Chickenshit…with a heart condition!

Okay…since it is Christmas time and the Little Pug has a personality I decided to give him one last chance.  That chance comes with a price for him though…a neutering.  I was told by the Animal Shelter and the Vet that if I neuter him there is a chance that he will stop marking everything.  The appointment is set for 21 Dec @ 0700.  I also got him some of those housebreaking pants.  Yes…the damned dog is wearing pants.  I wanted to get him the frilly pants so he could be made fun of by the other male creatures in the neighborhood…but I figured the pants was enough. Most dogs do not like to pee on themselves, they will gladly pee on everything else but not themselves.  I have this pad on him and it will essentially cause him to pee on himself if he decides to mark or wet in the house.  Kinda like the principle of a wet diaper.  I hope this works because the pug is living on borrowed time.  Sigh…
Oh yeah…I almost wrecked the SUV again today.  The Girl decided that the right time to tell me that she kissed a guy was when I was turning a corner.  I literally went weak…my heart dropped and I swear I almost fainted.  Sigh…
So…I smelled like dog piss all day, flirted with kicking the dog off a mountain, decided to get his nuts cut instead, and my daughter encountered her first kiss (which sparked the YOU HAVE A PERIOD SO YOU CAN GET PREGNANT speech, then the END OF TEENAGE FUN FOREVER IF YOU GET PREGNANT speech, then the STDS ARE NOT COOL speech, and finally SEX…DON’T DO IT speech), spent a shit load of money on the items needed to de-mark the house and to cover the dog’s male anatomy (causing the second heart attack of the day) AND found out that I had to do a personnel action to fire a child that I helped get a job at the store today.  By the end of all of this I was beat…still haven’t gone to Target to exchange some pants for my husband who is convinced that at the ripe age of 40 he has grown 2 inches thus needing pants with a 32 inch inseam instead of a 30 inch inseam.  I still have to Christmas shop…OY!
I think I need some Taebo therapy…



  1. Rebecca says:

    32″!!! Um, yeah. Now that’s some funny stuff.
    Dude… you need to talk to the girl about timing. Unless she is trying to kill you.

  2. fatsavage says:

    There is a mental attidude test which asks what age you would like to be. Naturally, the proper ansewer is your current age. Reliving the memory of teenagers in your blog makes me very happy I’m 61 which I consider the prime of life.
    My shock was not the first boyfriend or kiss, it was when Daddy’s little girl swore at him and did it extremely well. I laughed and cried so hard, I really didn’t punish her. Two grandchildren later, she’s now Daddy’s Big “little girl” and he loves her dearly.

  3. Robin says:

    Rebecca…can you believe that?? 32″…I almosst dropped the phone. I am trying to figure out when this sudden growth spurt occured. Apparently jeans shrink snd he told me that they get too short for him. It is either the jeans are amde differently or he is being watered in Iraq like a plant. Seriously growing…now if that would happen for me I would be a supermodel.
    My daughter really needs to get better timing. I believe she inherited her timing from her Aunt who always seems to call me when I am in the middle of something, going somewhere, or not home. I guess these events will only keep me young.
    Savage…I remember something like that. I told my father to Go To Hell. I was a rebellious “you-can’t-tell-me-anything” young lady and I believe that I will never live that down. Now that I am 37…I too am a big Daddy’s Little Girl…and I am begging for his advice and to tell me what to do. 🙂 I was begging to be let back in the house and live the life I had when I was a teenager…I had it so easy…sadly that request has been rejected again and again. Even IF I am Daddy’s Little Girl…
    My teens keep me young and the memories of my youth fresh…even if they are giving me gray hair.

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