…after rolling over the hated Bootcamp II workout with the Saturn I decided to through in the Best of Taebo Abs DVD. I got through it (after starting and stopping three times to referee a fight between my teens…that is a workout in itself) I have decided that I actually like the “kickboxing” Taebo better than the Hooah-Hooah Bootcamp series. Just because I am a Military Wife doesn’t mean I want to exercise like I am in the military. I’m perplexed though…still haven’t achieved the sweaty-crotch/soaked bra top look of some of the Taebo girls. I am starting to believe that I am either incapable of sweating like that or Bill cranks up the temperature in the studio. I don’t like to drip sweat like that…especially since I am blind as a bat and wear glasses. If I sweated that way I would be doing squats all day picking up my 400.00 lenses from the floor. Still…it would be interesting to know if I would achieve the abs of steel/10-inch waist look of Shellie (Billy’s adopted daughter) by cranking up the heater while I am kicking and shouting at the television. That experiment lasted all of 15 minutes…I felt like I was exercising on the surface of the Sun. Instead of dripping sweat and having the determined “kick-ass” look on my face, I looked like fish gasping for air. My eyeballs were drying out, my skin felt like it was flaking off, my hair became like straw. I could literally feel myself becoming mummified during the workout. There was no moisture left in my body…no soaked bra top…no sweaty crotch. Hell no!! The windows were opened…I felt oxygen rush back into the room, the kids cried a sigh of relief and the dog and two cats seemed to smile. I should have realized that it was a bit “dry” in here when I noticed the pets camping out by the water bowls. LOL!! I guess I am not at that athletic level yet where you start sweating buckets as soon as you start to move. Sucks to be me I guess… I am not one to sweat like I stole something.
Anyway…I like the kickboxing Taebo better than the toning Taebo. Taebo Bootcamp (the version that uses the bands…not the one that I rolled over with the Saturn…freaking duck walks, My Ass!) and the Taebo Elite is an awesome alternative to going to the Gym. In my home I only have the kids and the pets looking at me with curious wonder and I doubt seriously that Bill will stop in the middle of the set and ask me “So…are you working out??” If that happens then I will just give up the fitness kick and get back on my Peanut M&M, Prozac and Hennesey diet that I followed while I lived in Germany. 🙂 I will definitely feel this workout tomorrow morning and hopefully my 3-pack of abs will eventually become a 6-pack.


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