My 10.00 outfit…

…featuring a SIZE 4 SKIRT!!  LOL…I just had to share this.  I love that I can fit into smaller sizes because I get a bargain on prices.  The skirt was 75% off at the PX.  I had to scoop that up…the turtleneck was on sale as well.  I am so happy that I can start to wear nice looking clothes again.  I was getting tired of looking like a picture at work everyday.  I look crazy in this picture…I am very busy at work.  LOL…I know, I know if I was that busy I wouldn’t be taking pictures.  I was on my lunch.
So there I am kicking a size 4.  Just more reason for me to continue Low carb and Taebo…
Gonna take a picture of the TREE…( decided to get a new one with the lights already on it…too much effort to untangle the lights this year) and of my curtains…pretty much the whole living room looking festive…
I seriously need to get back to work…



  1. Robin says:

    Thanks Lisa!!
    I swear I don’t see myself other than looking the same. I can’t wrap my mind around the sizes that I am wearing…pictures don’t lie so I take them to see if I can see what others see. Sometimes I see it…other times I don’t. What sparked the picture is a co-worker looked at me and called me skinny-minnie. Whatever…I really do need to work on that self-image…

  2. fatsavage says:

    I’ve been following your blog and your love of Billy and Taebo. Must admit it’s easier for me to starve my body into submission than to work that hard but you did inspire me to think and write about competing lifestyles with regard to excercise and starvation. I really can’t believe your love for Billy and Taebo is mentioned in some of your earliest posts and you have sustained this love affair for a year.

  3. Robin says:

    Wow…noone has ever mentioned me in their blog before. I have actually been in a marriage with Taebo since the beginning. 1998-1999…when the first workouts came out, I bought them and immediately decided that I hated the man. I became obsessive about getting exercise during that time period and burned myself out. I rediscovered Taebo last year when I found myself spiralling into depression (horrendous marriage/50 pound weight gain from medication)and I needed to do something to help me pick up the pieces. I call Billy my “other” husband…he motivates me and pisses me off. As irritating as he is…I know the program works. Billy KNOWS fitness…he just doesnt know how to count! 🙂

  4. chiari "chubbi" johnson says:

    What size did you start out at?? Either way you look great in the size 4 skirt!!

  5. Robin says:

    I started out at a TIGHT size 18…when I lived in New York (before Germany) I was a size 6….went to the land of gravy and bread and gained a massive amount of weight over three years. I was 199 when I started Low Carbing and Taebo. I started doing low carb due to the fact that I was suffocating in the AZ sun. I decided to go back to what I know…and now I am kicking butt and taking names. I can’ tell you why I stopped using Billy as a tool…but I am happy that I rediscovered him. TAEBO WORKS!!

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