"Wrap a hot towel on your head…"

“…and eat some soup.”  I’m playing hooky circa Ferris Bueller.  Unlike Ferris…Idon’t care what the day looks like outside.  I’m vegging out (kind of vegging…I am cleaning like the FlyLadies) and I may do the same thing again tomorrow.  I used to be worried about taking time off work when I was younger and before becoming a Government Employee.  Nowadays…I wake up and if I don’t feel like it…then I won’t go in.
I do have a reason for not being at work today.  I bought the new Taebo Bootcamp Elite set from Hastings.  I wasn’t planning on getting the program, God knows I have enough Taebo to keep me busy.  I actually went there to look for a book that seems to only exist on the Internet.  Sigh…so I decide to go and find something for the kids to watch (The Girl had a friend over) and I walk over by the exercise dvds.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the box will Bill smiling…urging me to try it.  I love the new bands that came with the set.  I can take off the handles and use them as 1 pound weights, I can take the weights out of the handles and use the bands without the extra resistance, and I can (if I was feeling really spry) leave the weights in the handles and use the bands with the added resistance.  I did all three missions that came in the set: GREAT FREAKING WORKOUTS!!  He guarantees results in 7 days…I see how that would happen.  I especially LOVE the rock solid ab workout.  I haven’t felt the burn in my abs in a long time.  As I was doing the ab routine my daughter and her friend come downstairs.  They both stop…look at me and go “OH MY GOD!!”  My daughter then says… “Cool, Mom…you are growing a six pack. ” They both look at me and go “AWESOME!” Then they walk off to raid the kitchen for some candy.   A six pack.  Wow…I haven’t had a six pack…EVER!  More like a keg because of children and gaining and losing weight.  Taebo works people…My body has changed since I started doing the exercises regularly.  If you can get past Billy and his rambling on and on…lack of consistency with sets (some…well MOST times) and just listen to what he says you will find yourself inspired.  I checked in the mirror after the workout and I see that I have more of a three pack than a six pack.  My lower stomach/ab area still isn’t showing the results like the top half.  Hence my thoughts (once again) on getting a tummy tuck once I reach my goal.  Anyway…me and my three pack is SORE.  I am sore in a way that I haven’t been in a long time.  The Elite workouts are mostly upper body and ab work.  There is some legwork…but nothing like the upper body.  My shoulders, back, arms, chest, and abs are killing me.  This morning when I awoke…I couldn’t lift my arm, thus cementing my decision to call out sick.  I didn’t lie…I told them that I was hurting…which I am.
If you are considering getting a good workout that is easy on the knees, not making you hope around like you are crazy…I would definitely recommend TAEBO ELITE!



  1. Congratulations on the 6-Pack! Keep it up!
    I have tried Taebo with success as well, its an excellent program to get the heart rate up and get the blood flowing. I agree that Billy can get awefully annoying… 😉
    Great to read about your progress – keep it up!

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks!! It is good to know that there are others out there that understand what I mean when I talk about Taebo. I am a true Billy fan…but the man needs to take lessons on how to teach a class. He knows fitness…but he needs some Ginko or something because he forgets that there are people DYING while he is rambling on and on. I am glad that I stuck to my guns…didn’t buy TurboJam and remained a Taebo junkie.

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