I guess…

…I will go to work tomorrow.  I am still sore, but if I am going to be consistent with Taebo I can expect soreness after the workouts.  I see it as me doing something right.  Taebo II was tonight.  I did the second “easier” one tonight.  Trust me when I say it isn’t easier…it is just Billy not acting like he took an abundance of fat burners with caffeine before the workout.  Kicked my ass…seriously.  I am hoping that I will continue to see results doing taebo.  This time I am mixing up the workouts unlike a couple of years ago when I would do the same workout for a week.  It got boring and I actually burned out.  I appreciated the hot water (I swear our water heater is set on Hell) for my bath tonight. 
I am planning on waking up early tomorrow morning to start my day off with a 30 minute workout.  It seems to wake me up and I become more productive whenever I workout.  I know that I will need the extra energy because I am sure there is work waiting for me tomorrow morning.
I am beat…off to bed to rest my 37 year old bones. 

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