Stressful Day=Binging

GRR!  I had a day from Hell…literally.  I worked non stop from the time that I walked in to work until 20 minutes past my time to leave.  Payroll…I hate doing payroll.  I found out that the manager that left for greener pastures decided to throw away all the payroll that she owed me instead of giving it to me to file.  NOT GOOD IF THE IG COMES BY!!  I have memos that need to be written to cover my ass or it will be me that will have to answer to all of this bull.  I also saw that one of the other department managers didn’t do one goddamned correction on his payroll…ANOTHER GIG IF THE IG COMES BY…more memos to be written.  I try to make sense of the mess…gonna do some filing…I find stuff from 2003 (way before I was there) that hadn’t been touched.  That means a week of sorting and boxing up things AND…more goddamned memos. Ugh!  I have all of this on top of the other suspenses that are looming before me that are more important that the other one.  There is at least 6 months of work that needs to be done…and I have a week to make some sense of it all before the Big Boss comes in for his inspection.  The way everyone talks about him…he reminds me of the Evil Emperor in Star Wars.  My Boss is sure that he would not want to look at my filing…BUT I know that I have that type of luck that this man will get a wild hair up his ass and decide to “take a look” at the status of the filing systems.  Double UGH!  I am so frustrated right now…my Boss had really bad luck with previous secretaries (basically they became mortal enemies to her) and she has stated that I am like a “breath of fresh air” because I am NOTHING like any of them. Pleasant to be around…that is what I was told one day.  I sure in the Hell wasn’t pleasant today…I pretty much made a comment concerning the missing payroll like this “They are not here…they were thrown away…would you like it if I went dumpster diving or better yet pull the files out of my ass??”  Yep…Miss Pleasant to be Around was getting snarky.  I missed my lunch dicking around with the most “ate up, fecked up” filing system that I have ever seen in my life.  I was wondering if the last secretary was DRUNK when she did this system of hers.
Anyway…I get off work late and I speed over to pick up my daughter from school.  We both look at each other and decide that it was time to seperate the eyebrows.  East was meeting West on my face and I had to take care of that.  Since I have been getting my eyebrows waxed and shaped I cannot stand to have a face that is not squared away.  I took care of that and decided that I had enough turkey in my life and went to the store.  I got the kids Paninis (yes I know I could have made them myself…but I THOUGHT I would get in workout) and myself some stuffed mushrooms and some wings.  Got home…gave the kids their sandwiches…sat down and proceeded to do nothing…other than stuff my face with a Klondike bar and a shit load of bread.  Sigh…I could have done Billy and worked off all the stress.  Didn’t…so now I am disappointed with myself.  I didn’t let the binge get out of control…decided to take a long hot bath.  Right now I am sipping on a Diet Cherry Coke to stave off the sugar cravings.  The mushrooms are delicious and so are the wings.  I have already packed that for my lunch tomorrow…I just wish that I had more self control when it comes to having a stressful day and eating like a dog.  Sigh…at least my stressful days are few and far between.  Not like it was in Germany where everyday was stress filled and miserable.
Just gonna get back on the horse and pay the piper tomorrow.  All those carbs and processed foods in my system will make me feel sick.  It might be a good deterrent for the next time…
Sorry about the long ranty post…had to get that out of my system…

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