Kicking Butt!!

Yesterday evening I decided to go back to the beginning and do Advanced Live 1…I knew I made the right decision immediately.  I have always liked that workout because it is motivating and fun.  I got through the whole workout without stopping.  I love the way that I feel after doing Taebo.  I always wonder while doing the routines why I stopped in the first place.  Exercise is a better solution to depression than pills.  This time of year is always hard for me since I am usually alone.  It is really easy to get depressed…but I am doing great right now.  The extra weight that I put on when I started to workout seems to be going away…I think it was a temporary thing since I shocked my muscles by doing intense cardio for the first time in a long time.
Someone called me a “little thing” the other day and I was positively beaming.  It has been a long time since someone that I didn’t know made the observation that I am “little” or “tiny”…that is better than seeing the numbers drop on the scale!!  I think I will do the Advanced Live 1 again today…it is really one of my favorite workouts.  It is hard…but fun.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am looking forward to cooking my Gumbo this year.  It will really rock since I actually have people from New Orleans to serve it to and I know that they will appreciate the dish.  I am even making homemade hot sausage to put in the mix.  Gonna go all out since it is a Holiday Gumbo.  This year I will make it at my Sister in Law’s house since I hate lugging hot food around and I know that it will not go to waste over there.  There will be three families from New Orleans contributing to the cooking so you know the food will be outstanding.  It will be just like I am at home again…Gumbo…stuffed peppers, turkey, possibly mirliton, macaroni and cheese (creole style), eggplant, pies, the list will go on and on.  This will definitely not be a typical “New England” style meal…I can’t wait!!  It will a good year for the Holidays for me this time since I have my brother and his family close by.  I will not feel so alone…I will have people all around me.  Something that my Cancer personality craves… :D.  Kellie is even making me a sugar free sweet potato pie…I think that rocks!   
Since I am off today I will do a couple of things around the house…The Girl is at the Mall with some friends…The Boy is being a teen-aged boy and is doing his thing…I will do what I enjoy the most, making the house smell like Pine Sol and Bleach!! Yea!

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