Having a practice Low Carb Thanksgiving dinner tonight with the kids and I need a good idea for a low carb stuffing/dressing.  Utilizing meats, sausage, seafood…anything…but I would prefer to not use bread.  I know that it is asking alot…but is there a stuffing/dressing anywhere in the world that does  not have bread in its ingredients??



  1. Robin says:

    LOL…How could I forget…A…LOT!! It’s the little things that make my smile when it comes to you!! 😀

  2. Rebecca says:

    That’s because you know I am not capable of the big things. 🙂 I have to conserve my mental abilities for jewelry sculpting. 😉

  3. Robin says:

    At least you still have some abilities to conserve…I am tapped out and working on fumes right now. I need to get the lazy hamster that works my brain off his smoke break and back on the wheel. I have been losing brain cells to the Sims 2 pet edition. This is where I have gone..playing God in the Sim world. I at least have some control over that world… 😉

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