Quick post…

…I know I have been posting more weight loss posts than a bit…but that is what I am focusing on right now.  Just finished Advanced Live 5 will my man Bill.  This one is about 40 minutes of  floor work and it killed me.  Loving the Taebo again…but hating what seems to be a gain on the scale.  My clothes are baggy…so I am going to ignore the glass and metal demon and judge by the way my clothes look on me.  It is just too depressing to sweat like a pig…feel sore and get on the scale and have it tell you that you have gained.
I have noticed that the pets seem to enjoy sitting in the room and watch me workout.  Both cats position themselves on the couch and stare.  The dog always sees me on the floor as an opportunity to put his pug face in mine and sniff/lick my face.  Very funny to get love from the damned dog when I am busy.  Anyone who works out with pets in the house…do you notice that they sit in the room and watch you like they are at a movie.  I am expecting them to break out the popcorn and sodas… 😀
While I was doing the workout I am also washing clothes and trying to come up with dinner for tonight.  It hit me while I was doing butt work that I have a rump roast in the freezer begging to be eaten.  Yep…my butt gave me inspiration to cook a roast!
I have some things to finish…and since I feel like relaxing later tonight gonna go and accomplish them…

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