Ow…Part II

Still committed to continuing this self inflicted challenge of Taebo on myself.  Did Advanced Live Tape 9.  LOL…This old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be…but still relatively flexible.  I did get stuck on the floor for a hot second when I was stretching.  Billy said to lean forward starting with your lower stomach and reach…I did and I realized that my lower stomach liked to be on the floor.  😀  I also realized that trying to stretch both legs at the same time into the air at 37 is asking to be hospitalized.  All in all…I am doing this…not at the same rate that I was years ago when I first got into Taebo, but it is happening.  Bones and joints are popping (loud enough that the teens are asking what that noise is)…I am still yelling at the television that I hate Billy with the fire of a thousand suns (I guess I should call him my new husband) and I am feeling the soreness that means I am actually doing something.  While I was doing some of the standing ab work i actually felt what I thought was muscle being worked (or it could have been a broken rib…LOL).  The only thing that I cannot achieve is the Taebo sweating that seems to occur during every workout.  Not that I am complaining…I don’t like to drip sweat like these women are…but how hot does he have it in that studio?  I would have to work out at high noon outside to get that degree of sweating to happen.
Oh well…I am drinking my water and sticking to lowcarb.  I made some crab cakes tonight using crushed pork rinds to substitute for bread crumb.  I am getting tired of chicken and red meat.  Cows and chickens will put out a contract on me because I am responsible for the dwindling numbers of their brethren.  I didn’t miss the bread and it was a welcome change for dinner.
It is late…I hear what I think is a bear in the backyard …again.  The dogs in the neighborhood are freaking out and my muscles are sore.  Perfect time for me to get some sleep… 🙂
Will be back later…if I can lift my arms to type tomorrow…

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