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Stressful Day=Binging

GRR!  I had a day from Hell…literally.  I worked non stop from the time that I walked in to work until 20 minutes past my time to leave.  Payroll…I hate doing payroll.  I found out that the manager that left for greener pastures decided to throw away all the payroll that she owed me instead of giving it to me to file.  NOT GOOD IF THE IG COMES BY!!  I have memos that need to be written to cover my ass or it will be me that will have to answer to all of this bull.  I also saw that one of the other department managers didn’t do one goddamned correction on his payroll…ANOTHER GIG IF THE IG COMES BY…more memos to be written.  I try to make sense of the mess…gonna do some filing…I find stuff from 2003 (way before I was there) that hadn’t been touched.  That means a week of sorting and boxing up things AND…more goddamned memos. Ugh!  I have all of this on top of the other suspenses that are looming before me that are more important that the other one.  There is at least 6 months of work that needs to be done…and I have a week to make some sense of it all before the Big Boss comes in for his inspection.  The way everyone talks about him…he reminds me of the Evil Emperor in Star Wars.  My Boss is sure that he would not want to look at my filing…BUT I know that I have that type of luck that this man will get a wild hair up his ass and decide to “take a look” at the status of the filing systems.  Double UGH!  I am so frustrated right now…my Boss had really bad luck with previous secretaries (basically they became mortal enemies to her) and she has stated that I am like a “breath of fresh air” because I am NOTHING like any of them. Pleasant to be around…that is what I was told one day.  I sure in the Hell wasn’t pleasant today…I pretty much made a comment concerning the missing payroll like this “They are not here…they were thrown away…would you like it if I went dumpster diving or better yet pull the files out of my ass??”  Yep…Miss Pleasant to be Around was getting snarky.  I missed my lunch dicking around with the most “ate up, fecked up” filing system that I have ever seen in my life.  I was wondering if the last secretary was DRUNK when she did this system of hers.
Anyway…I get off work late and I speed over to pick up my daughter from school.  We both look at each other and decide that it was time to seperate the eyebrows.  East was meeting West on my face and I had to take care of that.  Since I have been getting my eyebrows waxed and shaped I cannot stand to have a face that is not squared away.  I took care of that and decided that I had enough turkey in my life and went to the store.  I got the kids Paninis (yes I know I could have made them myself…but I THOUGHT I would get in workout) and myself some stuffed mushrooms and some wings.  Got home…gave the kids their sandwiches…sat down and proceeded to do nothing…other than stuff my face with a Klondike bar and a shit load of bread.  Sigh…I could have done Billy and worked off all the stress.  Didn’t…so now I am disappointed with myself.  I didn’t let the binge get out of control…decided to take a long hot bath.  Right now I am sipping on a Diet Cherry Coke to stave off the sugar cravings.  The mushrooms are delicious and so are the wings.  I have already packed that for my lunch tomorrow…I just wish that I had more self control when it comes to having a stressful day and eating like a dog.  Sigh…at least my stressful days are few and far between.  Not like it was in Germany where everyday was stress filled and miserable.
Just gonna get back on the horse and pay the piper tomorrow.  All those carbs and processed foods in my system will make me feel sick.  It might be a good deterrent for the next time…
Sorry about the long ranty post…had to get that out of my system…


Like I said before…I’m going through all of my Taebo workouts before I decide to buy more.  I never thought that I had this many routines.  I located the Taebo II Get Ripped series.  Kicked my ass.  That is all I have to say abou that…it is a little more intense than the Live series from 1999-2000. All total since I started my experiment with the Taebo I have missed 5 days.  Three of those days I was sick and I refuse to try to workout when I am sick.  I will just piss myself off because I can’t get through the entire workout.  The other two days was the day before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving.  I have been consistent with the workouts…committed to following through on my promise to myself.  I feel bloated now…I guess this is expected with intense workouts.  I think I will post the results at the end of the year, just my way of starting my 38th year on this rock healthy.


I’ve been away for a while.  Stuff has been really busy around here lately.  Dealing with work, and getting prepared for Thanksgiving was really taking up my time.  On a sad note…My Grandmother passed away on Thanksgiving Day.  It was quite suddenly…I had no idea that she was as sick as she was…so I was kinda bummed on T-Day since I knew that my Granny had passed.  She was 85 and lived a long full life.  My large family is the result… I feel bad because I am unable to go to the funeral and pay my respects.  I really wanted to be there for my father.  I sometimes wish I had a better paying job so I can be able to do stuff like go home.  Sigh…
I have been preparing for a visit from the Big Guy in corporate.  I can’t wait for this guy to come by so everyone can relax at work.  It has been extremely hectic over there…so much so I was looking at the job listings again.  I do more than Secretarial work there and sometimes it gets overwhelming. 
I have been keeping up with my workouts…trying to stay on schedule.  On Thanksgiving I ate stuff that wasnt low carb and I have been paying the price since then.  Bloated, gassy, crampy…I still can’t see how I ate like that all the time.  I’m miserable…
This will be a short post for now…I still have things to do and it seems I don’t have time.  I will be posting again regularly.  I hate when I start feeling down because I tend to shut down and hide.  I really need to work on that…

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Another weight loss post…

…yep about to post another one.  LOL…that is only because I am seeing such great results and I hope that by posting this stuff it will help others if they should stumble across this blog.  Yesterday I did Advanced Live Volume 12…Billy broke me off again.  Today I did Advanced Live 7…the floor work was a killer and it was in the beginning.  A change to mix up some things.  The kids were there to cheer me on…my daughter was there to Drill Sgt me into doing all the reps. It was too cool to know that the kids are behind me as well.  I have an article that I found on LOW CARB FRIENDS that was very informative and it helped me understand what my body is doing right now.

Why we work so hard, but nothing seems to change…

I got this from another LC site and thought it is a really great article, enjoy!!
Why we work so hard, but nothing seems to change…
A biologist at Berkeley shared something very revealing on the low-carb BBS system about 4 years ago that helps us all through the erratic weight fluctuations you invariably encounter:
Fat cells are resilient, stubborn little creatures that do not want to give up their actual cell volume. Over a period of weeks, maybe months of “proper dieting”, each of your fat cells may have actually lost a good percentage of the actual fat contained in those cells.
But the fat cells themselves, stubborn little guys, replace that lost fat with water to retain their size. That is, instead of shrinking to match the reduced amount of fat in the cell, they stay the same size! Result – you weigh the same, look the same, maybe even gained some scale weight, even though you have actually lost some serious fat.
The good news is that this water replacement is temporary. It’s a defensive measure to keep your body from changing too rapidly. It allows the fat cell to counter the rapid change in cell composition, allowing for a slow, gradual reduction in cell size. The problem is, most people are frustrated with their apparent lack of success, assume they have lost nothing, and stop dieting.
However, if you give those fat cells some time, like 4-6 months, and ignore the scale weight fluctuations, your real weight/shape will slowly begin to show. The moral of the story – BE PATIENT! Have faith! YOUR APPEARANCE AND SCALE WEIGHT MAY FLUCTUATE, EVEN BACK-TRACK, BUT YOUR RESOLVE, COMMITMENT AND FAITH SHOULD NOT!

This is very encouraging since I do feel the muscles working when I am doing the Taebo.  I did have the soft squishy stomach there for a minute and I actually gained weight although I have been sticking to exercise and my food plan like I should.  The other day I woke up and I looked at myself in the mirror and most of the squishy jiggly puff is gone.  I still have some loose skin there but that is from babies and gaining and losing weight over the years.  Still considering a tummy tuck later, but I also see this as my battle scars from life that I do wear proudly.  I haven’t felt this good in many years…I feel much better than any pill prescribed to me could make me feel. 
I tried on all my “work” clothes that I refused to throw away from many years ago.  They all fit and lucky for me they are all classic stuff that will never go out of style.  I can now look like I work in an office again.  I refused to buy big office attire.
I figure this…if Janet Jackson at 40 can lose weight and look fabulous then I can.  Granted I don’t have her money or resources…but I do have the drive.
I’m gonna go and cook dinner now…I’m starved…

Kicking Butt!!

Yesterday evening I decided to go back to the beginning and do Advanced Live 1…I knew I made the right decision immediately.  I have always liked that workout because it is motivating and fun.  I got through the whole workout without stopping.  I love the way that I feel after doing Taebo.  I always wonder while doing the routines why I stopped in the first place.  Exercise is a better solution to depression than pills.  This time of year is always hard for me since I am usually alone.  It is really easy to get depressed…but I am doing great right now.  The extra weight that I put on when I started to workout seems to be going away…I think it was a temporary thing since I shocked my muscles by doing intense cardio for the first time in a long time.
Someone called me a “little thing” the other day and I was positively beaming.  It has been a long time since someone that I didn’t know made the observation that I am “little” or “tiny”…that is better than seeing the numbers drop on the scale!!  I think I will do the Advanced Live 1 again today…it is really one of my favorite workouts.  It is hard…but fun.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am looking forward to cooking my Gumbo this year.  It will really rock since I actually have people from New Orleans to serve it to and I know that they will appreciate the dish.  I am even making homemade hot sausage to put in the mix.  Gonna go all out since it is a Holiday Gumbo.  This year I will make it at my Sister in Law’s house since I hate lugging hot food around and I know that it will not go to waste over there.  There will be three families from New Orleans contributing to the cooking so you know the food will be outstanding.  It will be just like I am at home again…Gumbo…stuffed peppers, turkey, possibly mirliton, macaroni and cheese (creole style), eggplant, pies, the list will go on and on.  This will definitely not be a typical “New England” style meal…I can’t wait!!  It will a good year for the Holidays for me this time since I have my brother and his family close by.  I will not feel so alone…I will have people all around me.  Something that my Cancer personality craves… :D.  Kellie is even making me a sugar free sweet potato pie…I think that rocks!   
Since I am off today I will do a couple of things around the house…The Girl is at the Mall with some friends…The Boy is being a teen-aged boy and is doing his thing…I will do what I enjoy the most, making the house smell like Pine Sol and Bleach!! Yea!


Having a practice Low Carb Thanksgiving dinner tonight with the kids and I need a good idea for a low carb stuffing/dressing.  Utilizing meats, sausage, seafood…anything…but I would prefer to not use bread.  I know that it is asking alot…but is there a stuffing/dressing anywhere in the world that does  not have bread in its ingredients??

Quick post…

…I know I have been posting more weight loss posts than a bit…but that is what I am focusing on right now.  Just finished Advanced Live 5 will my man Bill.  This one is about 40 minutes of  floor work and it killed me.  Loving the Taebo again…but hating what seems to be a gain on the scale.  My clothes are baggy…so I am going to ignore the glass and metal demon and judge by the way my clothes look on me.  It is just too depressing to sweat like a pig…feel sore and get on the scale and have it tell you that you have gained.
I have noticed that the pets seem to enjoy sitting in the room and watch me workout.  Both cats position themselves on the couch and stare.  The dog always sees me on the floor as an opportunity to put his pug face in mine and sniff/lick my face.  Very funny to get love from the damned dog when I am busy.  Anyone who works out with pets in the house…do you notice that they sit in the room and watch you like they are at a movie.  I am expecting them to break out the popcorn and sodas… 😀
While I was doing the workout I am also washing clothes and trying to come up with dinner for tonight.  It hit me while I was doing butt work that I have a rump roast in the freezer begging to be eaten.  Yep…my butt gave me inspiration to cook a roast!
I have some things to finish…and since I feel like relaxing later tonight gonna go and accomplish them…

Another workout in the books…

Phew…just finished doing Advanced Live 11.  Lordy!!  I have all these tapes and some of them are new to me since I never finished the series.  This one started off slow but then it finished with a bang.  Billy worked me hard tonight and I know that I will be feeling this one tomorrow.  When I decided to to purchase these tapes I was already 30 pounds over my lowest weight from New York.  I was in Germany and wanted to do something to get back into the swing of things.  The tapes arrived and I promptly put them on the shelf to gather dust.  I am looking forward to doing each and every Taebo workout that I own.  I know there are some that I will not like…but I will never know unless I try.  🙂  I want to tone my stomach area and so far that is where I am feeling the soreness.  I think two months of consistent working will show me something. 
Today was a busy day at work…I was tempted to get some sugar free pastries but decided to go ahead with my regular low carb breakfast.  Lunch was good as well.  Gonna get a nice salad in later…if I can get my appetite back.  I refuse to get on the scale right now because I know that I show gains when I first start back in with heavy cardio.  Just gonna see what my clothes look like by the end of the month.
I am having so much fun with this…
Need to get a shower…haven’t achieved the Taebo sweat yet…but getting close!

Ow…Part II

Still committed to continuing this self inflicted challenge of Taebo on myself.  Did Advanced Live Tape 9.  LOL…This old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be…but still relatively flexible.  I did get stuck on the floor for a hot second when I was stretching.  Billy said to lean forward starting with your lower stomach and reach…I did and I realized that my lower stomach liked to be on the floor.  😀  I also realized that trying to stretch both legs at the same time into the air at 37 is asking to be hospitalized.  All in all…I am doing this…not at the same rate that I was years ago when I first got into Taebo, but it is happening.  Bones and joints are popping (loud enough that the teens are asking what that noise is)…I am still yelling at the television that I hate Billy with the fire of a thousand suns (I guess I should call him my new husband) and I am feeling the soreness that means I am actually doing something.  While I was doing some of the standing ab work i actually felt what I thought was muscle being worked (or it could have been a broken rib…LOL).  The only thing that I cannot achieve is the Taebo sweating that seems to occur during every workout.  Not that I am complaining…I don’t like to drip sweat like these women are…but how hot does he have it in that studio?  I would have to work out at high noon outside to get that degree of sweating to happen.
Oh well…I am drinking my water and sticking to lowcarb.  I made some crab cakes tonight using crushed pork rinds to substitute for bread crumb.  I am getting tired of chicken and red meat.  Cows and chickens will put out a contract on me because I am responsible for the dwindling numbers of their brethren.  I didn’t miss the bread and it was a welcome change for dinner.
It is late…I hear what I think is a bear in the backyard …again.  The dogs in the neighborhood are freaking out and my muscles are sore.  Perfect time for me to get some sleep… 🙂
Will be back later…if I can lift my arms to type tomorrow…

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