This Year…

…looks like it will be different for The Girl.  I got her report card today and there are NO failing grades.  I think she finally woke the heck up and she is starting to see just how important school is for her life.  Yes…there still is the struggle with the Math thing, but I have her going to a lab three days a week and that will make a difference in her grade.  It feels good to come home from a conference and not be in a bad mood because you know your child is capable of making better grades than they are showing.
It was a BUSY day at work…it will just get busier as the time passes.  It is getting to be that time of the year where I will be doing all sorts of things for the Outreach program.  I am actually looking forward to the busy season since that will make the time pass for me quicker.  I am still looking to advance with the Government…got yet another smack down from a job that I applied for…but this time it was “The job has been cancelled. No selections were made.”  message.  Kind of makes me feel better knowing that they just didn’t reject the resume.  I am starting to think the site I go to to check on the status is stuck in the “You were not referred…” loop.  I know I am qualified for the majority of the jobs that I self-nominate for…it is just the question of someone actually looking at my resume.  Sigh…I will just keep trying.  Someday I will make it to the next stage…
Tonight I am planning on doing some Taebo.  Lord help me get through the workout.  I know that once I start I will see the results that I am looking for…it is just a matter of getting started.  I did a Pilates/Yoga type workout the other day and I am still sore from doing it.  I guess that means I did it right.  Back on the low carb train…things have been kind of hard since my binge but I have been able to maintain control over the cravings.  Just need to get past that first hump and all the cravings will be gone and it will be easier for me.
I am off to start dinner…feels good to be home at a decent time so I can have a decent dinner ready for the kids…


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  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m glad to hear that she has figured it out. I mean, sixth grade is fun and all… but how much fun can one person have? LOL
    I can’t believe how grown they are getting Robin. They were still “kids” when I met them and that is how I still think of them. If I were to meet them today, they would be young adults. Tell them to slow down a bit for me, ok? I miss them both more then you know.

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