Still cleaning…the children are singing spirituals since they are working…and I decided to boil some shrimp for myself.  I love love love shrimp…but now it seems I am starting to get an allergy to them.  I’m itchy…that blows because I use shrimp in most of my specialty dishes.  I hope it is just the seasoning I used…Shrimp has been my low carb favorite for awhile now…



  1. Rebecca says:

    Be REAL careful with shellfish allergies Robin. Seriously, they develop QUICKLY and are very, very serious.
    If you think you might be allergic, GET TESTED. No excuses. It’s one of those allergies you can’t “see what happens next time” with.

  2. Robin says:

    I thought about that…it could be an actual allergy. I was thinking it was the seasoning that I was using. I didnt eat anymore shrimp once the itchies started…but I will sure miss them when it is time for Gumbo!

  3. Robin says:

    THANKS LISA!!! I am really trying to reach my goal…now I am staring to crave carbs so I think I may have to start adding some into my diet…don’t want to blow all the hard work that I have done…

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