Oh Yeah…

I forgot to mention that someone called me to go on an interview on Monday for a different job.  Secretary again…but in the clinic.  I am so retarded that she told me where it was and who to talk to, but I didnt write it down and I forgot.  Lucky for me my sister in law was on the phone with me and I was able to tell her what the woman told me.  I’m trying to remember what she told me and for the life of me I cannot remember…just know that it is the same grade that I am at right now.  I guess I am not too excited about the interview because there is no raise involved…just a different view.  This place is located in the basement…so I already know that I don’t want to work there.  I am complaining that the office that I work in has no windows…I really don’t want to work underground…I would feel like a Mole.  I need to call my sister in law and ask her what I told her…and then I may offer to cook dinner for them.  I want to cook, but there is noone other than The Boy who will enjoy the food with gusto.  I KNOW my brother will tear up whatever I cook…I can always count on his appetite to get rid of all the food that will just be thrown away.
Anyway…the jobs that I am really interested in having even shown that they pulled my resume.  I don’t want to start stalking the website…but it looks like I will be doing that anyway.  I just don’t feel like seeing that message that I am not qualified…because I am qualified…the damned computer program that goes through the Federal resumes doesn’t know shit….sigh.
 I pick up Tiko in about an hour…I can’t wait to see the little puggy again.  I think he grew on me…I actually missed him these pass two days.  I thought I was a cat person too…

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