It is that time of the year for the Government to start posting jobs.  There are three that I want to go for…all of them are higher grades than what I currently hold.  The first two that I applied for was easy… I updated my resume and self nominated for the jobs.  The third one…well this one is much harder than most.  I have 4 questions that I must answer about myself or they will not even consider the resume.  I hate trying to explain why I think I am qualified for a job on paper.  Put me in an interview face to face and I have no problem…but trying to remember what I did or do…major brain fart!!  I have been staring at the computer for almost an hour trying to come up with something to say…and getting writer block as a result.  Arrrrgggghhh!! 
On a happier note…I may have some happy happy joy joy news…but I am holding off saying anything until I am sure.  If it is true…I AM SO HAPPY!!  But don’t wanna jinx anything by blabbling to the whole world…not just yet!  🙂
I am off to try to answer the KSAs (that is what they are called) for the position that I am applying for…my head is starting to hurt big time.



  1. Robin says:

    I just found out this morning…and it is wonderful news. I just promised I wouldn’t tell anyone until they are sure. Don’t want to jinx anything… 🙂

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