It not all about the three "B"s…

Something that I found interesting…Low Carbing is not all about Beef, Butter and Bacon…This is an interesting article.  Something that I have been screaming from the rooftops all along!

Study finds low carb dieters eat more veggies

(from About Low Carb Diets)
This is going to come as no surprise to low carb eaters, but in a myth-shattering survey published today in the Journal of Nutrition, it was revealed that most low carb dieters reported that they had more than doubled their consumption of salad greens, and a third more than doubled their intake of other vegetables as well since beginning a low carb diet. 85% of those losing more than 30 pounds “greatly increased” their intake of vegetables and most considered that this was “important in their weight loss plan”.
Most of the lowcarbers increased their protein intake, with chicken being the favored source of increased protein. Despite the impression in the media that low carb dieters consume vast quantities of what the researchers dubbed “The Three B’s – Beef, Butter, and Bacon” – only 5% of those surveyed reported substantial increases in all three of these foods. 22% percent reported substantial increases of one of the B’s.
Other Results of the Survey:
Over half consulted their physicians before starting on a low carb diet. Over half of that group found their doctors to be encouraging of reducing carbohydrates, and another third found that the doctor became supportive after seeing positive results of the diet.
Of those that tracked blood tests (cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood glucose), most reported improvements.
Most felt they were consuming fewer calories because they weren’t as hungry.
The most common reported benefit besides weight loss was an increase in energy.

I just found out that spinach will be back on the shelves by Friday here at the store.  I can’t wait!!  I have been craving a spinach salad for a long time now.  🙂

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