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…two days of Taebo and I can safely say that my butt is hurting.  Literally my legs, butt, and abs are feeling the burn of Taebo.  Yesterday I did Basic Taebo II (30 minutes) and Richard Simmons Tone and Sweat (40 minutes)…so my body was a little sore.  Tonight…well I couldn’t find any other Basic tapes and I have 15 Taebo Advanced Live Tapes that I bought off Ebay a couple of years ago…so I decided what the hell.  I got them for a good price and I know for a fact that I will see results. Yep…what was I thinking other than…WOW!  I don’t care what anyone says…the first series of Taebo tapes (original and live) are the best.  If I continue on with these workouts I will never have to step foot in the Gym again.  I’m going to alternate between Basic taebo and toning with the advanced Taebo tapes 6 days a week.  I’m going todo the 21 day challenge to see if I can do this and make it a habit again.  Good thing I didn’t decide to sell all my tapes a year ago.  I would be bored to tears right now with the Gym.  There is only so much you can do on the elliptical and this is challenging me cardio wise.  I don’t think I will spend any more money on exercise videos…i have enough to do something different every week for the next 4 months.
I am starting to feel like my old self again…and that is a welcome change for me.

Actually followed through…

…did Basic Taebo and finished the workout with Richard Simmons Tone and Sweat.  i had so much fun doing these workouts.  That is something that I haven’t done in a long time.  The time flew by and I know that I will be feeling it later.  Say what you want about Richard Simmons…but the man knows what he is talking about.  The Tone and Sweat video killed my muscles.  Gonna make this a habit.  I hope to see lots of toning in the next couple of weeks…

Workout …

…today I will be throwing in a tape (yes VCR) and doing some Taebo with Richard Simmons Tone and Sweat.  I literally have to blow the dust off those tapes in order for me to do them.  LOL…been that long.  I did the Yoga Fusion Power Tape the other day and it killed me.  I felt myself leave my body and look down at myself lying on the floor.  I have The Firm that I can do as well.  I am getting tired of the Gym…tired of the stupid questions like; “Are you working out??”  really annoying.  It will be interesting to see what will happen when I start Taeboing…will I pass out??  Will I crack up laughing??  Unfortunately I will be starting with the Basic tape to see where my fitness level is at…then I will locate the bands that came with Richard Simmons and see if I can get through his chatty toning workout.  I KNOW I will crack up laughing at that one.  No worries…even if it is silly the program works.  I am considering a tummy tuck before the end of the year.  I have battle scars from having two children back to back and from gaining and losing weight.  I know that I will never wear a bikini or mid drift shirts…I am happy with what I have accomplished…but it is bothering me to have that loose skin in my midsection.  Should I wait to see if I can maintain this size before getting surgery??  I really don’t want to have stretched skin if I decide to gain weight again (like I will make a conscious decision to do that)…so I will see what exercise will do for this 37 year old body.
I will be back later with the results of my workout.  I am stoked to do this since I am watching a marathon of The Biggest Loser on Bravo.  They are inspiring to me…

Two Dead Boys…

I was talking to my daughter and she told me that she remembers this poem that I used to tell her all the time .  She remembered it word for word and I was stunned.  This is something that my Gramma used to tell us…and it just stuck.  I will always remember that poem and I am happy that my daughter knows it as well.  Just remembering my Gramma (we pronounced it GRAW-MAWH)

Two Dead Boys…

One bright and stormy night

Two dead boys got up to fight

Back to back they faced each other

Grabbed a knife and shot each other

The deaf policeman who heard the noise

Came and killed those two dead boys

If you do not believe this tale is true

Ask the blind man

He saw it too

This is the version that she used to tell us…I am sure there are other version out there…but this just stuck.  It is amazing how much I remember from my Grandmother,  She was a strong woman, who raised two strong daughters (my Mother and my Aunt…very strong women…phew) and believe it or not some of her stuck with me.  Iam hoping there is some of Gram in my daughter.

Just having thoughts…there really is no point of this post.  I dream of Gramma all the time where we are talking to each other and really I believe that she is still here with me.  Sometimes letting me make mistakes but most of the time she is that inner voice that tells me to stop being so silly.


I need to get dinner started…back later.

Fried Coke Recipe

 Deep-Fried Coca Cola

Number of Servings: 6 Prep Time: 45 mins


2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 1/2 cups Coca Cola
Oil for deep frying

1 cup Coca Cola syrup
whipped cream
maraschino cherries

1. In a medium bowl, mix together the flour and baking powder.
2. Mix in eggs and Coca Cola and stir until a smooth batter forms.
3. Preheat oil in a skillet or deep fryer.
4. Pour 1/3 cup of batter into a funnel or turkey baster and in a circular motion pour batter into the hot oil.
5. Fry up for about a minute on each side and drain on paper towels.
6. Serve while still warm and top with Coca Cola syrup, whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

Helpful Hints:
This is basically a funnel cake recipe, made even more popular at our NC State Fair with the addition of good ol’ Coca Cola. The kids love them because they’re so sweet and gooey. While you’re cooking up a batch, the batter may thicken. If this happens, thin the batter by adding more Coca Cola!Submitted By :
Beverly M
The recipes we provide on were submitted by people like you. They have not been tested by us in any way, and we cannot guarantee their accuracy or safety, nor can we be liable for any errors or omissions.
This is something that my low carb diet would never allow for me to eat.  Just looking at this recipe makes me feel like I am GAINING weight.  It is sweeping the Nation…so of course I will share this sinful thing.  My sister in law is pregnant…I wonder if she would enjoy this if I made it for her.  I am also thinking about making this and trying to send it off to my husband’s platoon in Iraq…not sure if it will hold up well.  Is there a way to send stuff like cakes and baked goods overseas?  I vaguely remember something about an apple or a slice of bread being put in with the cakes to keep them fresh…still not too sure about that.  If ANYONE has tried this please let me know if it was good or not.  I don’t want to waste my time making this stuff if it is nasty.  I especially don’t want to bring this to my sister in law and she hates it…
If only there was a way for me to add this into my diet.  I love funnel cakes…sigh.
There are other recipes at where I found this sinful concoction.

Well Now…

I have no appetite…which means I am back on track with the low carb.  Its about time…i was tired of fighting the cravings and popping Aleve because of the massive headaches.  I ate that much sugar and carbs that my body went through the detox stage again once I got back on track.  The one part of low carbing that I despise…but that is over now.  Thank Goodness…
Still trying to get my butt out of bed in the morning to do Taebo.  Like I said in other posts…once I am doing it I am fine.  It is just getting started.  That is the problem.  Gonna try again after work and see what happens.  The eating is back on track…now I need to up the cardio to break the plateau that my body is stuck on.  I believe it likes being in a certain weight range and is resisting going lower….sigh.  So far I have lost 53 pounds or so (my weight is fluctuating so I am going by my lowest weight for that number)…would really like to hit the 60 pound lost point but my bod is resisting.  Still can’t complain…this is a great accomplishment for me.  My arms are sore from patting myself on the back…
I’m at work…should be working since the desk is calling me.  LOL !  Will be back later 

This Year…

…looks like it will be different for The Girl.  I got her report card today and there are NO failing grades.  I think she finally woke the heck up and she is starting to see just how important school is for her life.  Yes…there still is the struggle with the Math thing, but I have her going to a lab three days a week and that will make a difference in her grade.  It feels good to come home from a conference and not be in a bad mood because you know your child is capable of making better grades than they are showing.
It was a BUSY day at work…it will just get busier as the time passes.  It is getting to be that time of the year where I will be doing all sorts of things for the Outreach program.  I am actually looking forward to the busy season since that will make the time pass for me quicker.  I am still looking to advance with the Government…got yet another smack down from a job that I applied for…but this time it was “The job has been cancelled. No selections were made.”  message.  Kind of makes me feel better knowing that they just didn’t reject the resume.  I am starting to think the site I go to to check on the status is stuck in the “You were not referred…” loop.  I know I am qualified for the majority of the jobs that I self-nominate for…it is just the question of someone actually looking at my resume.  Sigh…I will just keep trying.  Someday I will make it to the next stage…
Tonight I am planning on doing some Taebo.  Lord help me get through the workout.  I know that once I start I will see the results that I am looking for…it is just a matter of getting started.  I did a Pilates/Yoga type workout the other day and I am still sore from doing it.  I guess that means I did it right.  Back on the low carb train…things have been kind of hard since my binge but I have been able to maintain control over the cravings.  Just need to get past that first hump and all the cravings will be gone and it will be easier for me.
I am off to start dinner…feels good to be home at a decent time so I can have a decent dinner ready for the kids…


I figured out what was wrong with my camera…it was taking blurry photos at long range.  Looked at the lens and discovered why…yuck.  I finally cleaned it off and I got a shot of The Girl in a skirt…she was going back in time to the 80’s.  I still remember that time well…so it is upsetting to think of that time period as “retro”…
 CONVERSE!!  Couldn’t win them all…
She raided my closet and found something that would fit her 80’s look…I think she did a good job.  Thank God I had no neon for her to throw in the mix.  I don’t think my retinas would be able to handle the colors I used to wear long long ago…think line green, neon pink, and neon yellow…together.  SHUDDER!!

The pictures came out good…glad I cleaned the lens first before I decided to get another camera.  I guess this is what my daughter thinks the world looked like 23 years ago when I was her age.  When I told her about the colors I used to wear she just stopped and stared.  I am so glad that she decided to wear something other than black.
I like the Sepia (I think)…I am planning on going to Tombstone with the kids and take some old time pictures looking like the Wild West…it should be fun!!
And finally…

My Baby (wanna be thuggish ruggish)…he is growing so fast.  I ended up getting him his own camera since he is so into posing for the camera.  He has always been this way…love to get his picture taken.  Sigh…
I am tired…lots of work to do tomorrow on my desk.  Just wanted to share the latest pictures of me and the kids…

What happens…

…when the Store Secretary takes a day off??  Apparently noone accomplishes anything.  🙂  I came into work and my desk was FILLED with work that wasn’t there at the end of the day on Thursday.  Urgent notes taped to my desk…boxes that need to be FedEx…orders that need to be processed…time sheets that need to be corrected.  The only thing that was accomplished on Friday was…note writing and taping.  I guess it is good to be needed…I will be busy all day today.

I Know My Limits

…yes I know my limits now concerning grains and other things high carb.  Yesterday I experimented with adding bread back to my diet.  Low Carb bread…that is what the package said.  The package is a liar…those two slices of bread led me down a path of uncontrollable binging on carbohydrates.  Two slices of bread led to…popcorn…candy…caramel corn…french fries…potato chips…full sugar Pepsi…onion rings with ketchup…ice cream…Frankenberry cereal…milk…go tarts…sigh.
In the refrigerator sat my Cobb salad.  It sat and sat and was ignored all day by me because I was out of control with the carbs.  I finally went to bed with visions of high sugar, high starch foods dancing in my head.  When I finally went to sleep I had the weirdest dreams (probably brought on by the shock to my system) that caused me to wake up with my heart racing and scared beyond belief.  Damn!  I woke up this morning feeling 10 pounds heavier and with a vow on my lips to never ever do that to myself again.  I cannot understand how I ate that way on a daily basis.  In Germany…i would come home from work everyday with a pound of peanut M&Ms…i would turn on BBC Prime and lay there shoving that shit into my mouth until I passed out asleep.  No wonder I felt like shit daily…
I need to post the results of a pound of M&Ms everyday…this is what it does to me:

Not pretty…I remember how I felt when I took the picture and how I felt when I saw the picture.  My husband is older than me and I look like his mother.  I was ashamed…mortified…and I felt like I was gonna pop.  That was my “Thin” outfit.  I was under the impression that black was slimming…HA!  My chin is blurred because I tried to airbrush the double chin away…little help that was…sigh.  I don’t want to go back to that…the lack of control…the hatred of my body…the searching in vain for something that will fit that doesn’t look like a tent or/is covered with flowers and fringe.  I don’t understand the people that come up with fashion for plus sizes…what woman wants to look like a fecking walking flower bed with cowboy fringe??  Some of my shirts  would have me fearing an attack by a swarm of bees.
This is where I want to stay: (I am proud of this picture…kinda like the one Susan Powter took for her after shot of “Stop the Insanity”…I would NEVER have taken this shot looking the way that I did then.  This is the result of a lot of hard work…)

This is where I want to stay…and to stay there means to stay away from the sugar.  Drink lots of water and stay committed to my exercise plan.  Yes…I may be denying myself all the so called “good”  foods…but sticking to low carbs has opened me up to a richer more interesting variety of foods that I would have never tried before.  I have never been a salad person…but now I crave them more than the M&Ms.  I can live without bread…and the sugar…the feeling that I am feeling today is equivalent to getting smacked on the nose with a newspaper.  My binging last night is not worth the weight gain or the way that I feel right now.   I have printed off these pictures and I will tape them to the refrigerator to remind myself where I am and where I could end up again if I allow myself to lose control again.
I know my limits now…it was an eye opening experience…
I am done with my bitching now…on to regular programming…

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