Bears and Bingo…

There are bears in them there woods!! I’m serious…we have bears in the neighborhood. They are all over and they are tipping over trash cans. I thought they were kidding me…now I have seen the bears. So far I know that we have:

  • Bears
  • Coyotes (they look like werewolves)
  • TURKEYS…big wild ones
  • Crackhead looking deer (they are so poor looking…hungry and skinny )
  • Wild pigs (I almost hit a family of them)
  • Raccoons (they are mean little brats)
  • Woodpecker (they look like they have on red hats)
  • Skunks (they attack the dog next door a lot)
  • Ravens
  • Bluebirds
  • Ghosts (all over this post…they are everywhere)
  • Asshole neighbors
  • and million legged spiders
  • snakes that can kill you
  • and lizards of all colors

Now…all I need to see is a mountain lion and I think I have seen everything that this place has to offer. Oh yeah…I need to see a UFO then I will be complete. 😀
Because of the bears I have to take in my trash can every night or every morning I will be picking up everything that was in it off the lawn. I hope they choke on the contents because trash that has been sitting in the AZ sun is not cool to pick up.
I have started going to bingo here on post. I have the uncanny talent of getting the numbers that are never called…at all. It is something to do on those days and it is fun. There is no drinking or smoking and I am home in 2 1/2 hours. It feels good to do something with myself…I cannot stay home for the entire year that my husband is gone. I did that last time and it made the deployment seem unbearable for me. I am one of the younger ones that plays and they all call me a rookie. The first time I played I got the ink all over me and the cards because I couldn’t control how much came out of the stamper. Now I have a purple stain on my arm and my fingers…damned silly. I haven’t won anything yet but it is sure fun to be there. I people watch when I am there and I notice the rituals of the seasoned players. There is one lady that has at least 15 different colored stamps and she uses each one for each number called. There is another lady that literally takes up the whole table with her cards and her machine…she stands up and moves from sheet to sheet marking off the numbers. They are fast…I can barely keep up with what I have…
So I have officially decided to do something on some evenings …and it feels good to get out of the house for something other than work. It also feels great to go out and not have to worry about men trying to talk to me…good clean fun!

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