NO WAY!!!  PEOPLE…I went to Target because I am starting to look like I am playing dress-up in my Mother’s clothes.  😀  Not a bad thing…but I do need to continue to look presentable at work.  I need new clothes…underwear…shirts…skirts…pants…everything!
I find two nice bras 38D instead of the 44DD that I used to wear.  Some nice underwear…happy about that.  A beautiful robe in a dusty pink color.  I also found a nice outfit to wear to work later.  I haven’t taken the tags off the skirt yet because I want to take a picture and post the size.  It is unbelievable…but the skirt is a 4.  Ahem…I understand the concept of vanity sizing…but a 4??  I refuse to take off the tags until I have proof that I haven’t lost my mind.  I don’t own a size 4 anything (that is until today…the skirt was mine as soon as it slid over my hips and I was able to button and zip it up).  This makes me want to continue on with what I am doing…Low Carb…FOREVER! 
Once I am home, I will take a picture of the tags…inside and attached and one of me in the skirt.  I don’t know how long I will be a size 4 and I want proof that I actually wore that size.. LOL  


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