Feel Like Cooking…

Ever since I got that email from Hell’s Kitchen I have been feeling like cooking.  So today I will make some Red Beans and Rice.  I am even making Hot Sausage to go with it…too bad I HATE red beans.  🙂  I am lucky that I have my brother and his family around to eat it because I tend to make lots of beans.
I started looking through my textbook from the Culinary Arts courses that I took.  I will email those folks and let them know that I am interested in auditioning for the show.  I just need to do some refresher cooking to get back to the level that I need to be IF I am picked.  I don’t want to be the one on the show that he zeros in on and talks about like a dog.  Cooking is something that I am proud of…I believe I have a gift.  I am what is called a natural cook…I can taste something and tell you what is in it and then reproduce it.  That comes in handy when I go to restaurants and like a dish.  I go home and make it myself…sometimes make it taste better.  I have to say…if it wasn’t for my Mother giving me a pot and telling me to “GO AND COOK DINNER!” I would never be at the level that I am today. 
Need to start the beans and do some laundry…my house will smell of detergent and slow cooking beans…just like New Orleans on a Monday…



  1. Christine says:

    You could always back down on the audition by saying you’re allergic to the British. O=) I auditioned for one of those American Idol shows, in 2003, and ever since then, the locals have been most cruel with the TiVo of me singing very badly off key. Of course I was drunk at the time, and I always did say that if I ever auditioned, and Simon blew me off, I’d cuss him out, but only if I was drunk first. I know me so well. =)

  2. Robin says:

    That is an idea!! If he acts like a total ass with me I can always start sneezing and say I need to leave. The chance that I will get on the show is slim. I think it is awesome that you tried out for American Idol…I would defintely be too chicken shit to do that… if you were able to audition for that then I should stop whining and go for it!! Nice to see you again Christine…

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