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Bears and Bingo…

There are bears in them there woods!! I’m serious…we have bears in the neighborhood. They are all over and they are tipping over trash cans. I thought they were kidding me…now I have seen the bears. So far I know that we have:

  • Bears
  • Coyotes (they look like werewolves)
  • TURKEYS…big wild ones
  • Crackhead looking deer (they are so poor looking…hungry and skinny )
  • Wild pigs (I almost hit a family of them)
  • Raccoons (they are mean little brats)
  • Woodpecker (they look like they have on red hats)
  • Skunks (they attack the dog next door a lot)
  • Ravens
  • Bluebirds
  • Ghosts (all over this post…they are everywhere)
  • Asshole neighbors
  • and million legged spiders
  • snakes that can kill you
  • and lizards of all colors

Now…all I need to see is a mountain lion and I think I have seen everything that this place has to offer. Oh yeah…I need to see a UFO then I will be complete. 😀
Because of the bears I have to take in my trash can every night or every morning I will be picking up everything that was in it off the lawn. I hope they choke on the contents because trash that has been sitting in the AZ sun is not cool to pick up.
I have started going to bingo here on post. I have the uncanny talent of getting the numbers that are never called…at all. It is something to do on those days and it is fun. There is no drinking or smoking and I am home in 2 1/2 hours. It feels good to do something with myself…I cannot stay home for the entire year that my husband is gone. I did that last time and it made the deployment seem unbearable for me. I am one of the younger ones that plays and they all call me a rookie. The first time I played I got the ink all over me and the cards because I couldn’t control how much came out of the stamper. Now I have a purple stain on my arm and my fingers…damned silly. I haven’t won anything yet but it is sure fun to be there. I people watch when I am there and I notice the rituals of the seasoned players. There is one lady that has at least 15 different colored stamps and she uses each one for each number called. There is another lady that literally takes up the whole table with her cards and her machine…she stands up and moves from sheet to sheet marking off the numbers. They are fast…I can barely keep up with what I have…
So I have officially decided to do something on some evenings …and it feels good to get out of the house for something other than work. It also feels great to go out and not have to worry about men trying to talk to me…good clean fun!


Okay…I keep my messanger on to talk to friends.  I am about to go into severe stealth mode and become invisible to everyone.  Now…nowhere does it state that I am Bi-curious…interested in women…or a threesome.  If I haven’t done any of that in my 37 years of life by now I am not going to start.  What you do is your business…but please don’t instant message me and start in with that bullshit.  Strange people online these days…if I wanted to do all of those things then I would have posted it in my profile.  Lordy…I hate to be mean to people…but they are bringing it out in me.  I do not want to know what you want to do to me and my nether regions or what you are doing to yours….really now.  I am hard up for companionship…but I am not quite ready to go that route.
Phew…now I will post about the bears in the neighborhood and the Bingo I suck at…

Time For Another Vent…

I am low carbing because I finally found something that works for me.  I feel great, i feel healthy, I am not sickly…do not have chest pains, etc.  I think I am eating healthier than I ever have in a long time.  My diet consists of lean meats, vegetables, lots of water, some berries if I feel like eating it.  I do eat butter instead of margarine and I use different oils for cooking and for flavoring.  I have at least two salads a day and vegetables…I just do not eat the low calorie or non fat dressings.  They are loaded with sugar…I DO NOT eat…

  • sugar
  • flour
  • pasta
  • bread
  • starches

It can be boiled down to those groups.  If it falls into that group or has something from that group in it I do not want it.  Period.
That is established…hell most people know that when I say that I am low carb.  I do not see the sense in lying about being a diabetic or being allergic to this or that because that would mean that I am ashamed of what I am doing.  I am not…I love my way of eating.
So tell me this…
I am eating my lunch and someone comments that what I am doing is not healthy and that I am slowly killing myself.  This is what I was eating:

  • 1/2 rotisserie chicken (yes I ate the skin)
  • 2 cups steamed broccoli and cauliflower with melted butter (no salt…don’t have the taste for it anymore)
  • 1 liter of water
  • sugar free vanilla pudding  

So I am killing myself because I am eating butter and I ate the skin on the chicken.  I also have no bread (I guess they are saying that I am missing a grain or something). 
The person that made this comment was chowing down on this:

  • Whopper with cheese with everything on it including the BREAD
  • A Caesar side salad with 2 bags croutons (she is on a “diet” and skipped the fries, but got a extra pack of croutons)
  • A King sized Diet Coke (I guess the “diet” in Diet Coke negates all calories)
  • a slice of cheesecake (that vanilla bean one that BK sells) she needs her treat after a meal

Who has the healthier meal??  I am eating like this daily…I do not deprive myself.  She is always eating low calorie/low fat…working out at the Gym…yet she is losing NOTHING.  She tells me daily that I am unhealthy and Atkins died from his diet (the man was 72 and died from a fall and a heart attack not related to his diet) and I should be careful because that can happen to me.  Sometimes she is telling me these things while eating potato chips, or cookies, or candy, ice cream, etc.  She always has a Diet Coke in her hand (I guess that is the Diet part that she is on).
I am just fussing…i am getting to the point where I will just tell people that I am allergic to the things that I do not eat.  If I mention low carb I am then looked at like I am some kind of crazy person.  I may be crazy…but I am the one losing weight.


NO WAY!!!  PEOPLE…I went to Target because I am starting to look like I am playing dress-up in my Mother’s clothes.  😀  Not a bad thing…but I do need to continue to look presentable at work.  I need new clothes…underwear…shirts…skirts…pants…everything!
I find two nice bras 38D instead of the 44DD that I used to wear.  Some nice underwear…happy about that.  A beautiful robe in a dusty pink color.  I also found a nice outfit to wear to work later.  I haven’t taken the tags off the skirt yet because I want to take a picture and post the size.  It is unbelievable…but the skirt is a 4.  Ahem…I understand the concept of vanity sizing…but a 4??  I refuse to take off the tags until I have proof that I haven’t lost my mind.  I don’t own a size 4 anything (that is until today…the skirt was mine as soon as it slid over my hips and I was able to button and zip it up).  This makes me want to continue on with what I am doing…Low Carb…FOREVER! 
Once I am home, I will take a picture of the tags…inside and attached and one of me in the skirt.  I don’t know how long I will be a size 4 and I want proof that I actually wore that size.. LOL  

Feel Like Cooking…

Ever since I got that email from Hell’s Kitchen I have been feeling like cooking.  So today I will make some Red Beans and Rice.  I am even making Hot Sausage to go with it…too bad I HATE red beans.  🙂  I am lucky that I have my brother and his family around to eat it because I tend to make lots of beans.
I started looking through my textbook from the Culinary Arts courses that I took.  I will email those folks and let them know that I am interested in auditioning for the show.  I just need to do some refresher cooking to get back to the level that I need to be IF I am picked.  I don’t want to be the one on the show that he zeros in on and talks about like a dog.  Cooking is something that I am proud of…I believe I have a gift.  I am what is called a natural cook…I can taste something and tell you what is in it and then reproduce it.  That comes in handy when I go to restaurants and like a dish.  I go home and make it myself…sometimes make it taste better.  I have to say…if it wasn’t for my Mother giving me a pot and telling me to “GO AND COOK DINNER!” I would never be at the level that I am today. 
Need to start the beans and do some laundry…my house will smell of detergent and slow cooking beans…just like New Orleans on a Monday…

Busy Saturday…

Yesterday I literally spent the whole day with my brother and his family.  I had a great time and hope to hang out with them more often.  We went to a winery in the morning and then to a fair that evening.  I uploaded some photos from yesterday on my Flickr account.  There are many wineries here in AZ…I hope to visit them all.  It also seems to me that there are fairs every other weekend here…Oktoberfest is coming up so I am looking forward to doing that and taking even more pictures.  It is funny…I never really went to the Oktoberfest in Germany…but now I am chomping at the bit to go to this one…

The outside of the winery….

Me and Lou at the fair….

Lou and Kellie…at the fair…
I have lots of other pics.  WE had such a good time.  Lou would not get on one ride.  It was good that Kellie was there because we both like the thrill of the rides.  I would not get on the Ferris Wheel…it looked suspect and Kellie wouldn’t get on two of the rides that was caged in.  Other that that we did experience the fair and had a blast.  My niece is fearless and wanted to get on things that you wouldn’t expect a 5 year old to want to ride.  It was also nice that I was able to fit on the rides better and not feel like I was suffocating when the bars went down to secure me in the seat.  ON one of the rides I felt like I was falling out…cool, but not cool feeling.  😀
One thing I have noticed…fairs are expensive no matter where you go.  I spent as much at this fair as I would have in Germany…
Check out my flickr…I will be adding new photos as I get them.
Have some housework to do….

Body Sculpting Bible…

…for women.  This is the most comprehensive book I have ever purchased.  The workouts are intense and there are different levels that you can choose from…and they all rock!  I did one of the workouts to see if it was really as good as I thought.  They are easy to do and the book has instuctions about maintaining perfect form.  I am still feeling the burn from last night.  Each workout is 6 weeks long and I am going to try it to the end to see if I will see results.  Due to the fact I am on a high protein diet I think I will do well. 

Before and after again…

Trying this again with a more decent picture… :). 
On the plane coming home in June of 2005…think I was 199… I did that with my face because I didn’t like the way my double chin looked.  I didn’t see the double stomach there…
 IN Germany in a park in May of 2005 for my daughters birthday.  In a stripe shirt and thought I was descent looking.  IN the 190’s here….
In New Orleans July 2005 for my son’s birthday.  In another striped shirt..why was I wearing all those stripes??  Still in the 190s…
Size 9 jeans…woohoo! Not bad for a 37 year old!! Just playing around with the camera.  I am not feeling well so excuse the way I look…no makeup and my ahir is acting stupid…
This is on lowcarb for almost a year.  I have fallen off the wagon several times but always picked myself up and got back on.  This worked for me…and I am glad I read the Atkins book from cover to cover.  I always balked at doing low carb because I thought I would be eating meat all the time.  I have vegetables and fruits…lean meats…good fats…and this is the result.  I am never deprived and I only count carbs.  😀  Low carb is a great alternative for people that find themselves struggling on other types of diets.  I never did well on low calorie/low fat…was always grouchy and in those before pics I was on constant weight watchers.  The only thing that I did was lose the same 5 pounds over and over…plus 13.95 a month for the online version.  😀  All diets work…if you are committed and stick to it.  I found one that is right for me…I will never go back to sugar, flour and starches…I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.  Plus wearing JR sizes helps! 

Before and After…

I was looking through my computer and found a butt load of pictures when I was 198 pounds and up…yesterday I was fixing my hair and I noticed that I actually looked thinner.  on a lark I took some pictures to see what I looked like now.  The after pictures that I took are in no way trying to be sexy…just me trying to see a difference…
About 190 pounds…not the shirt and i tried to blur out the double chin…

At the highest weight I have ever been…the scale said 199…and i said it was bloat…
 Thought I looked good in this shirt.  Could have sworn it made me look thin…
One more…I was wearing my skinny pants…and I didn’t like my picture taken…
These are just a few of the pictures…i have many many more, but no pics of me now showing the work that I have been doing.  I was 34, 35, and 36 in those pics.
This is me NOW…yesterday to be exact…at 37 and 150 pounds.  I have put on a little weight since I started to eat again and to exercise regularly.  I am shooting for 135.
Just my testimony that Atkins works.  I think I can see a difference…I look younger (I think) and now I am not afraid of the camera.  I have hypothyroidism (taking Synthyroid) and I am older than most.  But the power of the mind…it is a wonderful thing.  I guess I am using this post as motivation to help remind me that I do NOT need the ice cream.  A picture is worth a thousand words to me…and does alot for my self esteem.  I am eating more than ever and I feel great…


It is Monsoon season here in Arizona.  I am hoping the season ends soon because the grass is growing like crazy.  Since my husband is deployed I have to get the yard work done.  This is one time when I wish I had the rock lawn that some of these houses have…no need to cut grass.  It had to be done.  I can’t stand having the grass too big on the outside of my house.  It looks ghetto.  I haven’t cut grass in a minute but I still remember being a kid helping my Daddy do his lawn.  It took a moment for the thing to get started but it started…thank God for upper body strength.  The lawn was so thick it took everything in me to push it through the grass.  It didn’t help that I had my neighbors across the street and next to me peeking out of there windows at me.  For some reason they have formed an opinion about me that is not that good.  I think it is because of the kids fighting all the time and my husband and me arguing. Hell…it is a marriage and if you don’t argue then there is something wrong.  My kids are 10 months apart so they get into it at times.  Anyway…they were peeking at me through their window.  They probably think my husband is home and he is making me do the yard work.  Ha! I got the lawn cut …then went inside to get the kids for the raking and the sweeping.  They probably thought I would leave all that grass all over the sidewalk as well.  The kids were a big help…The Boy raked up all the grass on the lawn and picked it up for me and The Girl swept the sidewalk (there was a moment when the only broom broke but I got two more).  I felt kinds stupid because I couldn’t figure out the weed-eater, but that was done as well.  I finished up everything before it rained and right now it looks like it is about to pour.  My house looks like a picture now and I am happy.
Now…about to start doing the inside of the house…the outside looks so nice I HAVE to clean the inside.  I will be back later when I am done nesting…

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