Time to get serious

Can you believe it has been almost 3 weeks since The Hero has left for the sandbox??  Time is moving at top speed around here.  It is amazing…but I also know that when the Holidays come around that is when it will seem like time will stand still.  Maybe not…I do have my Brother and his family to glom on to and they are already putting in Gumbo requests.  😀  I guess I could cook the whole dinner and that would ensure I stay on track with my eating…
I will start doing cardio in the mornings and strength training in the evenings.  Something wonderful has happened…the Boy is interested in using the Home Gym and I will not stop him.  He has zero body fat so I know that he will pick up some muscle if he starts to lift seriously.  😀 😀
My appetite is going away again which means I am in serious Ketosis.  My stomach hasn’t been this flat in years (not since Ft Drum when I was in great shape) so i will take advantage of this and start in with the cardio (about 45 minutes to an hour) first thing in the morning.  When I do that I usually start dropping pounds and inches at the same time.  inches are nice, but sometimes it feels good to see the results on the scale as well.  I am up 5 pounds this week…I think it is because I broke in fast that I was on accidentally and it is close to my time of the month.  I will check my weight in two weeks and post the results of the “amping the program” experiment.
I know this is kind of like a private joke between me and certain friends…but it looks like I may ACTUALLY end up on the cover of Women’s Fitness or Oxygen. I have decided to enter a couple of contests.  Wouldn’t that be karmatic justice??  😀



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