Put my foot in it…

That is a term that someone says when a person really does well with a dish.  Everyone loved the Mirliton…even if it was started late.  It was the last dish that was completed and it was half gone in a matter of minutes.  One of my brother’s friends said “That Girl can COOK!” (patting myself on the back) I am happy when people like my food.  I put lots of effort into what I give to people.  I should know how to cook by now…I am 37. 😀
Anyway…I am sitting at work, which is tiring since I have about a half hour to go and I really need to get something done.  I think I may leave a little early.  I am the only one that is left in the office.  I do have the feeling that as soon as I leave then someone will call and I will be busted.  Sigh…I have been having that type of luck lately.  I guess I been here this long I might as well finish out the day.  Hell I am accruing leave anyway.
Today I start in on the program that I have stored on my computer.  It is a workout for people who need to get into shape for PT…but it works for civilians just as good.  If a soldier uses it to pass a PT test then I can use it for what I need.  Gonna break in the new Gym hopefully it will work out like I want it to…I am just too tired at the end of the day to drive to the Post Gym.
I have some things on my desk to finish up…I will post more later.


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