Crossbow Legend

I went after work yesterday to look at this gym equipment that this soldier was selling.  I was expecting it to be in crappy condition, like it was used constantly.  When I got there his wife answered the door (she didn’t look like she used it at all) and he stepped from around the corner.  They were nice people and they told me that I was the first one that called about the Gym.  Of course that made me nervous…why hadn’t anyone else called.  When he brought me to the room that it was located …it was in perfect condition.  This Gym retails for 500.00…and it looked like it was just put together.  Apparently the soldier is getting out of the Army and they are moving to an even smaller apartment (the one that they live in now is military housing and I was starting to get claustrophobic) there is no room to put this thing in their new apartment.  I tried a couple of sets on the machine to make sure it wasn’t broken or anything…they gave me the workout poster and everything that came with it.  I was talking to the Wife and I told her that I had lost lots of weight since coming here…doing low carb and going to the Gym.  I regaled them with my stories of the idiots at the Gym that ask you in the middle of doing an exercise if “I am working out?” I guess they liked me and they really wanted the sale because they knocked off 50.00 on the price and offered it to me for 100.00.  SOLD!  They even delivered it… I am so happy with my find.  It is in the garage because I am planning on making that into a little home gym for me and the kids.  The Boy was using it last night…I guess he figured doing a couple of reps will make him “buff”.  Now all I need to do is located a good elliptical machine and I will be all set.  I have the weight bench, the dumbells and the Home Gym.  Now…I have to find a junkyard in order to throw away all the crap that is in my garage …poo.   That is okay…it will give me something to do… D

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