Bony Hips?? and other Weighty things…

Um…okay I had this big post…and now it is gone.  Crap!
What i had posted was this:  I decided to get a tattoo the other day to match the one that I have one my left shoulder.  This one is on my right hip.  Something that I had to do for personal reasons and for losing a good amount of weight.  It makes me feel sexy and liberated all at the same time.  I noticed that I have this great big bruise on my hip where the tattoo is located so I called the place and asked the guy what is going on.  He tells me that I have Bony Hips.  The tattoo is on the bone and sometimes happens.  I didn’t hear anything other than the “Bony Hip” comment.  Moi?? Bony and hip are not usually used together when they are referring to me.  Descendant of the dinosaur with the big bones and all…:D
I had more to say…really i did, but now I have to get back to work.  My post is forever lost, but I will remember what I said and repost it.  Right now I have payroll to complete…

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