Watched the Movie

…and it was as creepy as I thought it would be.  I don’t like the games…I did keep buying them with the hope that I could get past the first part.  Nope…I have games that I never put in because the opening credits just creeped me out.  I have another movie Poseidon…I know how that one turns out so I will watch that one tonight.
Today at work was so busy.  I was given kudos for a project that I was working on…I have lots of things on my plate and it made me feel good that the Boss says that she has a competent Secretary so she isn’t worried about leaving for TDY.  I aim to please…now if she will give me a grade increase I would feel better. 😀
I am exhausted.  Don’t know why…but that is what this is.  I thought it was depression it is just plain old tired.  I think I need to sleep for at least two days in order for me to feel refreshed.  I can’t do that since I have the house to take care of, and the children.  I think I will go by my brother’s house this weekend.  It will be a welcome change of scenery.
I am about to watch the movie…will be back later.

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