Gotta Love Low Carb

…there are times when being low carb makes sense.  The lack of appetite is a plus.  I started back on the Atkins train again.  I went off for a few week eating whatever I like since I am a bundle of nerves due to this deployment.  Eating meat and veggies…feeling in control of my eating.  The extra protein will come in handy once I start up the weight lifting program on Sunday.  Notice I say Sunday since I will have lots of time to get the program in order and figure out what it is I am shooting for.  I don’t want muscles, just a toned body that will try to defeat gravity…my chest needs as much help as it can get. 
Work is being piled on me (thanks work gods…I need to be distracted.  Let’s keep this up for the next 12 months please) 
Iwill write more when I get home…

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