Just a Mess…

I have been messing with the other computer since 630 last night.  It is a mess of viruses and ad-ware.  I have never in my life experienced this much trouble with a computer.  I am glad I have a backup computer to work on…I have some work that I need to get done and it makes sense for me to do it at home.  Thank God I am a pack rat and do not get rid of old things when I buy new ones.  I will say this…I think I know where the bugs were picked up.  Once I am sure I will say something…but it is a very popular thing that is going on right now.  I think that it is shameful that people do things like this…they really need to get friends or another hobby.  Not everyone can afford to replace their computer at whim.  I guess I know what I will be doing all day today…and this being the last weekend that my husband will be home really makes this suck ass big time.  I am no longer pissed…just disgusted.
It seems when things break they break in threes…first my computer, my oven, and now my dishwasher.  I am glad that I lived in Germany for three years.  I got used to not using a dishwasher.  I have to call in a work-order and over here it takes an act of Congress to get someone out when you are home.  I guess they need to realize that not every Army wife is a Stay At Home Mom.  It just seems to me that everything seems to happen right before he leaves or right after he leaves.  It is just amazing…
I have to check on the other computer…will be back later…



  1. Rebecca says:

    What are you using to clean it up?
    When P downloaded a bunch of stuff he shouldn’t have (grrr…) I used CCleaner, AdWare and Spybot and they worked well for me. (all 3 are free and can be downloaded at FileHippo.com )
    Good luck girl!

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks Rebecca! I downloaded Norton Antivirus trial ware to get rid of the buggers. As soon as the trial is over I will be using AVG. They are pretty good. I just need a good firewall and I am considering buying one. It is that bad here with the viruses.. 🙁

  3. Rebecca says:

    Yep…log onto AKO and in the left column there is “Anti-virus services”. Follow the links.
    Did you get my email about jobs?

  4. Sheila says:

    Here is a great tool to keep things clean: 1.Boot your computer into safe-mode.
    2.Run Ad-aware (download for free from http://www.lavasoft.de) – great anti-spyware software
    3.Run your Antivirus software while you are in safe mode also.
    Safe mode allows you to more permanently remove the spyware out of your registry and to keep it from reinstalling over and over again. Good luck.

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