…yes I am sick.  There are people that work with me that refuse to take a sick day (when I saw their leave I saw that they could take the whole year off if they wanted to) and they come by my desk coughing and sneezing on me.  I now have what they have…and it is miserable.  I am a recovering bulimic so throwing up shouldn’t be an issue for me.  Well, it sucks.  I was pitching my guts yesterday and I was in tears.  I cannot understand HOW I did that on purpose.  I feel weak like a baby and hollow this morning.  I wanted to work on my program today since I have a nice weight bench sitting in my house.  It is one of the adjustable benches that you use with dumbbells.  I have it and now it is sitting here mocking me because I don’t have the strength to pick up a weight let alone workout.  Pheh!  I will see what I feel like later and I may go to the Gym to get on the elliptical trainer.  Maybe I can make my body fight the bug that is making itself comfortable in my body.
Speaking of bugs…I have defeated the viruses on my computer…all of them are fixed and working like a charm.  I never thought I would be as excited as I was when the computer restarted when I asked it to…Joy!
I am going to lie down for a minute…I will probably be back later.  I always have something to talk about since my children are so funny.

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