Ice Cream and Potato Chips

…that is what I am craving.  Whenever I am stressed the first thing that I want is sweet and salty…hence the ice cream and potato chips.  Definitely NOT a low carb item.  What is causing this sudden craving for all things high carb??  I just received a call from the Special Investigator looking into my Secret Clearance. I still do not understand why I need a Secret Clearance for the Commissary…but apparently I need one.  This guy is coming by to see me on Wed…to discuss me.  I hate that feeling, so the only thing that I can do is want something sweet and salty.  So for lunch (which is overdue for me) I will have burger patties and a salad.  I think a Diet Coke will help with the sweet craving…
Exercise for today will be the Gym.  I need some cardio to burn off some steam…
Still need to post my workouts, measurements, and pictures.  Will probably do that tonight



  1. Christine says:

    Hey! You came back!!
    For sweetness you could always try that mix-it-yourself Crystal Light. No sugar is in it, but you’d never know that! And Mrs. Dash makes a really good salt alternative.
    Happy b-lated birthday, btw.

  2. Robin says:

    It is great to be back…I have been floating around trying to find a comfortable spot for me on the Web. 😀
    I could own stock in Crystal Light, Mrs Dash, Sugar Free Kool Aid, Sugar Free Jello…the teens are about to have a mutiny. They want sugar!!

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