37. Or the 17th anniversary of 20.  Whatever. I pulled a renegade gray/white hair that was in my line of sight all day yesterday.  It pissed me off…so I decided to kill it.  I am not ready to start putting dye in my hair.  No Kool-Aid colors for this gal…yet.
I decided that I would take the rest of the week off because I can.  😀
Looked at myself in the mirror this morning and decided that I am looking better than my 36th birthday.  Last year I was 196…my husband had driven off to school for 4 months and I was HOMELESS.  My parents saved the day…gave me a roof over my head and my Mother inspired me to take control of my mind and my body.  I was a wreck.
Today I am 30 pounds lighter…a year bitchier…and preparing for the husband to go away for yet another year in the Sandbox and NOT HOMELESS.  The next time he sees me I will be 38 and hopefully a fitness (right) model.  Your 30’s are the best years of your life…That is something that Mama told me and I have to agree.



  1. Rebecca says:

    Happy Birthday Woman!!!!!
    I swear I didn’t forget…. got your card right here. LOL. After this past week, I’m sure you know why it’s still sitting right here too.
    I hope it was a great one!

  2. Robin says:

    Thank You, thankyou!!
    Rebecca…I am NOT worried about a card!! With everything that you went through my birthday present was knowing that P is better. The fact that you came here and posted Happy Happy is enough…
    Lisa…YOU STILL READ ME!! Yea! I appreciate the birthday wishes…
    Love you Both!!

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