That is the latest “fun” activity that is going on here.  It is amazing how hostile people are against the MPs.  I hope they make lots of money getting dunked.  The one bad thing was this women that came by…almost killed the fun.  She wanted one of the “white” ones because they are racist.  Even said as much to them.  Talk about uncomfortable.  They gave her back her money…good.
Of course the woman said that they gave her back her money because she was black and they rest of the MPs are racist…including the ones that aren’t white.  So of course…I gave them 2.00 and had a good time dunking the guy that sits like a lion waiting for someone to speed around my house.  😀  He was “hotness” and it was a added plus to see him wet.  Those BDU shirts really stick to muscles really well….GEEROWL!
It is hot as panther piss outside and it is expected to go way over 100 today. It is hot on purpose…no reason to be this dry and this hot. 
I have some work to complete and some food to eat. 

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