My children are TRYING to make me have a stroke.  That is the only explanation for the way that they are acting.  I am about to go Postal…that sucks because I am a Government Employee…
(deep breaths) …
They Boy just got minutes for his phone on Saturday.  He had 300 plus minutes over the weekend.  Someone please tell me why this child only has 11 minutes left…today?  I let him know that he will have a nifty paperweight because I am NOT buying anymore minutes for him.  He will have to learn that I am NOT paying to minutes on his phone so he can

  1. Talk to his girlfriend
  2. Text his girlfriend
  3. Download pictures from his girlfriend
  4. Download ringtones

I am ecstatic that he has a Girlfriend…but I am not going to support the little heifer.  My son will understand when he is assed out with no minutes until next month.
If I am telling you that I am no longer taking something by 1530…please do not come to my desk at 1529 asking me to handle this or that…AND please do not get a goddamned attitude with me when I tell you that I cannot help you since I am the only one left in the office.
If I ask you a simple question please do not give me a long and complicated answer.  Nothing irritates me more…
There is more…but then it is a day in the life of a Military Wife/Government Employee
My nerves are bad…I think I will hit the Gym…I am beyond aggravated right now. 🙁

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