Still doing the detox thing with my Cranwater.  The thing is I started to do Taebo again and I am finding myself starving.  I can control what goes in my mouth…I just wish it was easier.  I took some pictures of myself before I did my Taebo yesterday.  Those will be the before pictures.  I am going to try to start the 21 day challenge thing with Taebo to see if I actually will have results..or if I am just nutty and see what I want to see.
The Cranwater is doing wonders with my stomach and the cellulite is really going away.  That is wonderful since I am not a spring chicken anymore.  I found a couple of Taebo DVDs that I never opened and it is just like I have new ones. 
Now I am focusing on being hungry.  My co-workers need to hurry the hell up.  i am about to chew off my arm…
I’ll be back later…

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