Totally Messed Up…

…so I am sitting here enjoying some pizza and watching boxing.  My daughter is talking. And talking. And talking.  She is a chatterbox tonight and seems to be talking to hear herself talk.  It is nice to see her chatting.
Then the Child says:

“So this is what you did…You got Daddy to knock you up so then he would get married to you.”

Really messed up man. And why is the Husband agreeing with her?? 😀
I am going to go and watch my boxing now. 



  1. Robin says:

    I am so sorry that you had to go through all types of changes just to comment. I am still trying to learn the WordPress thing. So far I like this format.
    I took “professional” pictures at the Ball. I am waiting for them to come in…I hope they came out okay. I actually try to stay away from the camera. I have a couple of pictures that I took yesterday. I “MIGHT” put them up…

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