I am detoxing my system.  Apparently I have lots of toxins in my system because I have a headache from Hell right now.  I am hoping this passes soon.  I am tired of walking around with a big head all the time.
I am writing from work again because this seems the only time I can get on the computer without every teenager in the house sitting on my shoulder like a parrot.  I am officially in Teenage Hell.  When the phone rings it is no longer for me…the computers are in use constantly and the music that is being played is confusing to say the least.  The Boy has a "girlfriend" that calls every single day and every single day they are getting into an argument.  The young ladies here on post have discovered that my son is cute and now they are starting to call at all hours of the night.  The Girl has friends.  A teenage girl that has friends and has discovered 3-way calling.  There was one time that I thought the child was crazy…but she was talking to two different people.  I remember being that age and having the phone in my ear at all times.  I am trying to be understanding, but this is starting to get old.  I do not get any phone calls anymore…the phone is either busy or just ringing because they are not answering it.  I think it is time for a teen meeting…they are not contributing to the phone and Internet bills so I think they need to have limits or I will just cut off the service.  It is not like I have any access to the outside world from my house anyway.  I do have a cell phone but for some reason I feel stupid talking on it…I don't know why but I always have to repeat myself or have people repeat themselves…to time consuming…too complicated. 😀
I need to get some "business casual" clothes for the class that I am taking in Sacramento next week.  I actually need something for Thursday, because Friday is Jean Day.  Business casual for women is complicated…they let you wear skorts, but don't like capris.  To me skorts are shorts…there is just fabric covering the shorts part.  My Boss told me that some of the ladies really dress up for these things…so I am thinking a nice skirt and a shirt.  On Friday I will do my signature jean skirt and sandals.  I am looking forward to the trip, but not the plane rides.  I still hate planes, even more since I had to fly overseas and back.  I wish they had authorized me to drive there, but Sacramento is more than 10 hours away.  Crap!  I will be okay, but it doesn't make me feel any better about planes when someone tells me that they are safer than cars.  If I am in a car and it decides to break down I will not plunge 35,000 feet to the ground.  A plane ride is not like a car ride.  Period.
The Boss is due in any minute and I actually have some work to complete…I will be back later (after the mandatory teen meeting)…

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