Going to the Border

Naco!  That is where I will be on Monday.  There are Marines protecting the Border so we decided that we should sell them some things.  Bringing the Commissary to the Troops.  i am just excited because I LOVE a MARINE.  Yes, I know that I am married to the Army, but a Marine just rocks my socks.  😀  I can't wait!
My friend sent me a picture of me and the kids while we were still in Germany.  Two things:

  1. THEY HAVE GROWN!!  I don't recognize them.  It is amazing what a year or two will do for a child.  They still look like kids in the picture…where does the time go??
  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW BAD I LOOKED! My face is swollen, my eyes are swollen, there are BLACK circles and bags under my eyes. How could I have let myself go like that??  It is amazing…I never realized just how bad I looked until I actually saw a picture from that terrible period of my life.  I thought I was a "little" chubby…not fat.  I also look so sad…. I would post it but I am at work and I cannot get into my email from here.  I hope that you guys see the difference…I know that I do.  Once I get home I will post that hideous picture.  The kids are adorable of course..

I am thinking about supplementing my income by selling Avon.  I actually like the stuff that they sell.  I look at it this way…I get a discount as a seller.  Now all I need to do is find out how to get started.  At least I am not trying to sell Mary Kay to people.  I don't think I could ever do that…
Posting from work again and the Boss keeps walking by…

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