It has been a minute since I have posted.  Sorry about that, I have been swamped at work and I have been going to the Gym on a daily basis to make sure I look nice for the Ball.  My efforts are paying off with the elliptical, weights, and doing Walk Away the Pounds.  I have to admit, even if she smiles throughout the whole workout and there is constant chatter…the Walk Away the Pounds DVD is a great workout.  😀  I always feel like a fabulous Housewife when I am walking with the group… I will have a  skinny ass yet!

The Boy has been sick for the past week.  The poor Darlin' actually threw up (really Exorcist style spewing) and then went on the couch.  This is where he stayed for almost two days running a fever and not eating.  That made me worried since he is always eating (much like the Termite) and drinking something.  That child's mouth is in constant motion so when it stops I am stunned.  He seems to be feeling better and that is judging by the amount of food he inhaled last night.
The Girl is supposed to be going to Summer school this year.  She was passed and her grades at the end of the year were not failing ones…I saw Cs and two Ds.  Those are not the best grades, but they are not grades that should keep a child back a grade.  This year will be a better one for her, she wants to go to the Formals at the end of the year.  She is also starting to like boys.  There is one problem…I am in a losing battle to Girl her Up.  She dresses like Tina Troll and wonders why this object of her affection does not pay attention to her.  By the start of the new school year that child will be cleaned up.  She is beautiful and the skater girl grungy funk box look just does not suit her.
Anyway…I have lots of work that I have to do.  I will make the effort to post more often. 

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